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  1. Pistol Permits
    Hello I have my NY non restricted CT and Utah permits. As we live in the northeast I would like to get the surrounding states I know New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maryland are not easy but are any of them even possible? Please post your experience/how to obtain these thank you
  2. Pistol Permits
    Since I just applied for MA LTC and have non resident permits from practically every state in New England (Vermont no license is required) I figure I'd take my chances applying for the Rhode Island non resident permit. My MA firearms instructor stated I have to jump through a lot of hoops but...
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    R.I. gun legislation in limbo - The Westerly Sun: News " The outlook for a ban on semiautomatic assault weapons prompted by the Newtown, Conn., school shooting appears to be dimming in Rhode Island as lawmakers enter the final weeks of their annual session." Damn us progun folks!
  4. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Rhode Island education board approves arming university cops | Fox News
  5. Firearms in the News
    Providence City Council to ask RI General Assembly to ban semiautomatic firearms / Poll | Breaking News | | The Providence Journal Not good They already went for it once and it was killed by the senate. Now they are going for it again. Edit: also 17 homocides in a...
  6. General Firearms
    Kim Rhode rocks!
  7. News Feeds
    Rhode Island: Gun rights advocates question permit law Though local police departments are required to issue concealed weapons permits, there is no uniform application standard. A behind the scenes tug of war has been going on between the state's police chiefs and gun ownership advocates over...
  8. News Feeds
    Rhode Island Legislature Reconvenes in Providence The Rhode Island State Legislature reconvened in Providence this week for the 2009 Legislative Session with members of the Senate electing a new Senate President, State Senator M. Teresa Paiva Weed (D-13)...
  9. News Feeds
    Rhode Earns Fourth Career Olympic Medal Taking Home Silver in Beijing Kim Rhode (El Monte, Calif.) added to her Olympic medal tally today when she captured the silver medal in the Women's Skeet event at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.
  10. News Feeds
    Rhode Island Legislature Adjourns for Year The 2008 legislative session came to a close but not before passing a change to state law that will allow gun owners to transport handguns and ammunition provided that the ammunition is transported in a different part of the vehicle...
  11. News Feeds
    Rhode Island Microstamping Bill Pulled from Committee Agenda! The "microstamping" proposal, House Bill 7834, has been pulled from the agenda of the House Finance Committee.
1-11 of 11 Results