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    The brainiacs in Albany have done it again! I'm surprised they're looking to ban salt in restaurants instead of taxing it. New York Lawmakers Consider Outlawing Salt - The Consumerist $1,000 Salt Coming to New York Restaurants? - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine Get me out of this state. :(
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    Arizona: Restaurants and Right-to-Carry Starting Wednesday, those carrying concealed weapons are allowed to enter Arizona's roughly 5,300 establishments licensed to sell alcohol, as long as they don't drink.
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    Arizona: Right-to-Carry in restaurants takes effect Wednesday Wednesday, September 30, a new gun law goes into effect. Concealed weapons permit holders will be able to carry concealed handguns into bars and restaurants.
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    Tennessee: One month later, no problems with Right-to-Carry in restaurants Is it safe to go back to the restaurants? Has the smoke cleared? It's almost been almost a month since the law allowing gun carry permit holders to carry in bars and restaurants if they're not drinking, and I haven't...
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    Two states legalize Right-to-Carry in restaurants Last Tuesday, a new guns-in-bars law took effect in Tennessee after a judge in Nashville refused to issue a temporary injunction blocking its implementation. A few hours later, Arizona followed suit with a measure signed into law by the state's...
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    Tennessee: Judge allows Right-to-Carry in restaurants law to take effect A judge has refused to stop a law that will allow handguns to be carried in Tennessee restaurants that serve alcohol beginning Tuesday.
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    Arizona: Brewer OKs Right-to-Carry in restaurants Arizonans with Right-to-Carry permits will be allowed to take a handgun into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol under a bill signed Monday by Gov. Jan Brewer. The measure, backed by the National Rifle Association, will require bar and...
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    Arizona: House panel broadens bill on guns in restaurants An Arizona House committee has made dramatic changes to a Senate approved bill allowing people with concealed weapons permits to carry guns into businesses that serve alcohol. The version approved Thursday by the House Judiciary...
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    Arizona: Senate considers right-to-carry in restaurants that serve alcohol The bill (SB 1113), which passed a Senate panel Monday, would allow people with concealed weapons permits to bring a handgun into a restaurant that serves alcohol unless the owner has posted a sign prohibiting firearms...
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    TN House passes bill to allow guns in restaurants that serve alcohol The House has passed a bill to allow people with handgun carry permits to bring their weapons into establishments that serve alcohol. The bill would still ban handguns at any establishment that enforces age restrictions, and...
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    New Mexico: Senate OKs handguns in liquor serving restaurants New Mexicans carrying concealed handguns could legally go into restaurants that sell alcoholic beverages under a bill that passed the Senate.
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    NRA-ILA: Virginia: Senate passes bill that would allow concealed guns in restaurants that serve alcohol Virginia: Senate passes bill that would allow concealed guns in restaurants that serve alcohol The Senate has passed a bill that would allow concealed weapons permit holders to carry hidden...
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    Arizona: Bill would allow guns in restaurants A bill that would give customers the right to take guns into restaurants which have certain liquor licenses has been introduced in the Arizona Senate.
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    Virginia: Committee OKs guns in restaurants bill Another attempt to allow concealed weapons permit holders to carry hidden guns into restaurants that serve alcohol as long as they don't drink any has cleared a Senate committee.