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  1. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
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    South Dakota House Repeals Waiting Period! On Tuesday, March 10, a day after being passed unanimously in the House Judiciary Committee, the South Dakota House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 70 by a vote of 67 to 1. SB 70 will now head to the desk of Governor Mike Rounds (R) for his...
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    Nebraska: Kearney Repeals Citywide Ban on Concealed Handguns Acknowledging state law trumps a local ordinance, the Kearney City Council has repealed the city's 51 year old total ban on carrying concealed firearms.
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    Winnetka, Ill., Repeals Draconian Handgun Ban The Winnetka, Ill., Village Council has repealed its 20-year handgun ban following this summer's Supreme Court decision and subsequent lawsuit by NRA and three Winnetka residents.
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    NRA-ILA: Winnetka, IL Repeals Draconian Handgun Ban Becomes Third Chicago Suburb to Drop Total Ban Since Supreme Court Ruling Winnetka, IL Repeals Draconian Handgun Ban Becomes Third Chicago Suburb to Drop Total Ban Since Supreme Court Ruling...
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    Winnetka Repeals Handgun Ban The council voted 6-0 to repeal the ban which would mean handguns in homes would now be permitted but firing guns and gun sales would stay illegal. The lawsuit was filed in response to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that said residents of Washington, D.C., a city under...
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    High court ruling triggers gun ban repeals, NRA suits Some communities have moved quickly to repeal handgun bans since the U.S. Supreme Court in June established an individual right to gun ownership, while others plan to defend their bans in court battles with the National Rifle Association...
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    Morton Grove repeals 27-year-old gun ban Morton Grove`s landmark handgun ban, imposed 27 years ago, died quietly Monday night, as the suburb`s Village Board bowed to a new legal reality and repealed the ordinance.
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    Wilmette Handgun Ban Dead, 7-0 Vote Repeals Law Wilmette`s handgun ban is dead. The village board voted Tuesday night 7-0 to repeal the 19-year-old ban, following 45 minutes of discussion and public comment.
1-9 of 9 Results