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    I kind of wish this happened in NY to see what would happen with her prosecution and the outcome. Ryan Tannehill
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    Getting out of the Army. Anyone have any suggestions? I have a Liberty Franklin 50. Its 1100lbs. To get it in the house it needs to go up 5 steps which is why Im considering a forklift(which could just place it on the deck). And to get it in the basement Id need movers.
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    So my landlord is a friend if my. He put the house I rent an apartment up for sale He has some ppl interested. So he asked me if I wanted to redo my lease so I went longer (this was about 2 months ago ). We rewrote the lease Its a pretty standard lease. So it's not expiring till...
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    Hey all. After my experience in Florida where I got to rent and shoot a Glock, I got a wicked itch to shoot again, and since I don't get to submit my permit paperwork until June, I thought I'd ask around about ranges that rent handguns to non-permit holders. Do you guys know of any? Or is it a...
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    Is there a range in New York which rents guns or is associated with a gun shop which will allow you to try guns? I really hate buying a gun with at least firing it a few times first. Hopefully something in the Mid-Hudson Valley, Dutchess County. Yes, I do have a CCW license. Merv
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    At the Niagara gun range out here you can rent pistols and fire them on their range if you have a NYS pistol permit. It is amazing how many different "laws" each NY county has.
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    (was going to put this in the pistol forum but the forum description for here said range feedback, soo...) I'm getting close to handing in my pistol license application, and while I'm looking at a Beretta PX4 Storm based on what I've read, I'd like to get a 'real world' feel for several...