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  1. General Firearms
    New Shirt, New Glock 30s and just finished refinishing my Mini 14 stock so that's sort of new too:)
  2. Rifles
    Got a old Ruger 10/22 from my father,I am guessing made in the late 70's ?? No barrel band.......Receiver and trigger group is aluminum.....Looks blued,but I didn't think they blued aluminum.....They need to be refinished.....Any suggestions ?? Thanks guys.....:)
  3. General Firearms
    I'am looking for a good shop that refinishes wood butt stock. I was looking for a shop that does them alot and good. thanks
  4. General Firearms
    I was doing a little research on Tru-Oil to re-finish a stock.....Has anyone here used it ?? Looks to me like you don't coat it with anything after applying the coats like Poly ?? I saw one video where the guy used 10 coats,does that sound right ?? Looks to me like it gives the wood a nice...
  5. DIY Projects and Builds
    Little project I did with my Marlin 336......
  6. The AR-15
    I'm looking to re-finish a couple of pre-ban mags I have. However, I'm concerned about putting paint on it and having it not function correctly in the magwell. I'm planning on using Brownell's Alumahyde II. Was wondering if anyone knew of a better brand to use, or had any experience with...
  7. Rifles
    hey, my first real post in regards to anything I own. Well here I go... I have had a m98k (Mitchells) for like 5 years now. I know I could have got it cheaper, and mitchells sucks according to most. It shoots straight and has been good to me soooo.... Anyways, I already refinished the stock a...
  8. News Feeds
    With a little time you can have your gun looking like new again. This week I spent an evening refinishing the slide on my Springfield XD Subcompact .40 S&W. I've never done this before but following the directions on the products I was happy with the results. Read on for a step by step...
1-8 of 8 Results