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  1. Shotguns
    Just saw this on the cover of Gun Digest and it looks sweet. Anybody ever use it? Good quality? This has the ATI stock and grip too. I'm just interested in the business end... Benelli® M4 Raven Forend and Heatshield - ATI | Gun Stocks | Forends | Rails | Advanced Technology International...
  2. Accessories and Gear
    As the resident HK whore, I felt obligated to inform you that Raven Concealment now offers the P30, HK45, and HK45c as Quick Ship options for their Phantom holsters. This means you can get the excellent Phantom holster in 7-14 days instead of the usual 16-18 weeks. Great news! Quick-Ship...
  3. Gun.Deals
    Kelty Tactical Strike 2300 Backpack - $59.90 + Free Shipping Kelty Tactical Raven 2500 Backpack (Black) - $99.90 + Free Shipping
  4. Accessories and Gear
    Raven Concealment Systems - Phantom Modular Holsters Raven Concealment Systems By Chris Fry Like numerous other handgun owners, over the last 20+ years I have been on a continuous quest to find the best holster for my needs. The holster box is overflowing with all sorts: leather, kydex...
1-4 of 6 Results