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  1. Accessories and Gear
    [Video] 3MR Trigger - Near Full Auto Rate of Fire - LEGALLY - SHOT Show 2014
  2. Rifles
    My search for a 9mm Carbine has not panned out as of today. I have been looking for a Ruger PC9 or a Marlin Camp9 in that order of preference. I am waiting to hear more about the 9mm M1 from Citadel. I suspect it may be a lower grade replica. I know nothing about the company. I believe...
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Congressional Study: Gun Ownership Drastically Up Since '94, Murder Rate Cut in Half Show this to all of the Sandy Hook leeches next week.
  4. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Maryland Residents Buying Guns at Record Rate Ahead of New Gun Control Laws, State Also Being Sued "If Maryland's lawmakers meant to cause the state's residents to buy and hoard guns at a previously unprecedented rate when they passed strict gun control laws earlier this year, well, they're...
  5. Long Range Precision Shooting
    A general rule is the Heavier the Bullet you are shooting the Faster the Twist in the barrel should be. Of course, there is another extreme on the opposite side of the spectrum where the twist could be way too fast for lets say the lighter softer varmint bullet. Barrel twist means the number...
  6. Firearms in the News
    Gun Homicide Rate Down 49% Since 1993 Peak; Public Unaware | Pew Social & Demographic Trends
  7. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
  8. Carry/Conceal
    Hope this isn't a repost. I thought this was pretty cool. Only part I disagree with is placing the handgun on a flat surface. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't typically carry a table around with me with the gun on it. Rate Your Concealed Carry Handgun
  9. Firearms in the News
    A pretty good article dated Oct. 2012 in the Village Voice on how the crime rate has been rising for the first time in 20 years in NYC despite Bloomberg's claims and his policies that reduced the force by 10,000 lEOs . The rise in gangs and the frightening disregard for life in the attitude of...
  10. The AR-15
    I get that twist rate of the rifling will dictate how heavy a load can be, but at what point does the barrel length come into play? I tried searching and came up empty. It's Friday, so it's possible I just missed it. Specifically, I have an 18" barrel with a 1:8 twist. What SHOULD I be...
  11. General Firearms
    AK Bump Fire - YouTube figured I'd post a lil bump fire for fun, if you guys have vids up lets see them haha, everyone loves a good bump fire now and then.
  12. Ammunition and Reloading
    Does anyone know what the going rate for once fired 44 Mag Brass is?
  13. Gun.Deals
    Herter's Select-Grade Brass Ammo .40 S&W 50 rounds - $12.99 + $5 Flat Rate Shipping Herter's Select-Grade Brass Ammo .40 S&W 50 rounds - $12.99 + $5 Flat Rate Shipping
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    I just had some guy stop by and sign me up for an alternative energy supplier called "Just Energy" guaranteed to basically be a tad bit cheaper then Nyseg electric charges, I pay Nyseg for delivery still but I pay this company for the electricity, and I can still pay it all through my Nyseg...
  15. Rifles
    What seems to be the norm for a used Mini14 of late? (Black synth, blue finish, has a mediocre scope on it?). Also, are pre-ban Hi Cap mags still floating around (legally) for these, and how would one ID them?
  16. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Check this!!! After you vote...look at the results. Grade Obama's First Year in Office - Political Hotsheet - CBS News
  17. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Grade Obama's First Year in Office - Political Hotsheet - CBS News 70% give him an F
  18. Blog Posts
    Many people, who ask me about building their own AR-15, always seem unsure about which barrel twist to get for their rifles. Hopefully this mini article will help you guys figure out what is best for your needs. In general, rifling twist rate determines the optimum weight of the bullet for a...
  19. News Feeds
    Virginia: Right-to-carry permit requests, gun sales rise at record rate Applications for concealed carry permits statewide have jumped 42 percent from the same period last year, when the state issued a record number, according to the Virginia Supreme Court. Dealers sold 60 percent more guns in...
  20. Firearms in the News
    Found this on another forum. Couldn't help posting it here... Good thing Chicago banned handguns.
1-20 of 20 Results