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    Florida Republican in Deep Trouble for Agreeing President Obama Should Be Hanged for Treason | "A Republican candidate for the Florida House of Representatives is in hot water after he agreed Monday that President Barack Obama should be hanged for treason. Joshua Black, an...
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    Holder and DOJ way out of line. DOJ to schools: When punishing bad kids, consider their skin color | The Daily Caller
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    NAACP Blasts Phil Robertson Over 'Racist' Remarks In New 'Duck Dynasty' Row NAACP Slam 'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson For Racist Comments | Issue Hawk Hate Group: NAACP Calls Duck Dynasty Star Racist Again the NAACP make a far reach and pretty much lie hahaha gotta get...
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    SHOCKING Obama words bombshell anti white audio uncovered! |
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    Why Criticizing Obama Isn "The era of 'hope and change' was supposed to usher in a 'post-racial' era. Instead it's now the appalling norm to blame any political opposition to the president on racism." Good read. To me, it's simple. If being a "racist" means you hate someone who is destroying...
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    These videos show an intoxicated Mayor and Acting Village Manager handcuffed, alternating between threatening and insulting police officers in an effort to coerce and bully his way to lenient treatment after being arrested for impaired driving. Mayor Jenkins curses repeatedly while interacting...
  7. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Jesse Jackson Sues Georgia Over State's "Stand Your Ground" Law, Claims It Is Racist Against Blacks… | Weasel Zippers "A national coalition led by the Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. is seeking to have Georgia's "Stand Your Ground" statute ruled unconstitutional, arguing in a federal lawsuit...
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    And thinking like this will continue the pussification of this country. Anyone who thinks this is welcome to move to Canada or Mexico or Africa. Regarding Washington Redskins name change, 'never' may be sooner than anyone thought - The Washington Post Washington Redskins, Barack Obama & a...
  9. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Opinion: Black men in pain need our help - The only color I feel right now is green, because I am envious that someone so incredibly stupid can have such an affluent job.
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    The new wolf cubs in my son's troop decided they wanted to go to a camp-out at Staten Island Yankees Stadium. The whole family was invited, so I decided to drive back from PA so we could go. It was a pain to get there, then there's no parking where we were told to park. We get to the game...
  11. General Firearms
    A Short Tour of Gun Control in the US 1775 The Revolutionary War was sparked by the "Shot heard round the world" Concord, Massachusetts April 18, 1775 British General Thomas Gage orders Major John Pitcairn to Concord. Objective: Disarm a group of colonists and Seize all powder, shot and...
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    I wanted to read this story about monkeys escaping from the zoo and noticed something a bit off. What do you think? I can't tell if it was on purpose or not.
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    and is possibly protected by the DOJ? New Black Panthers King Samir Shabazz: Whites 'Should be Thankful We're Not…Hanging Crackers By Nooses…Yet' | Video | gee, I wonder why this guy has not been prosecuted for hate crimes
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    Wait...what? Has the world lost its damn mind? NAACP calls Hallmark graduation card racist |
1-14 of 15 Results