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    New York, NY - -( Hello Mr Trump. Many of our readers are very excited that you have thrown your hat in the ring to run for president in 2106. They like the idea that you have nothing to do with politics and that you have real experience running large, successful business...
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    Vice President Joe Biden On 2016: 'I Could Make A Good President' | Best news the GOP could hear would be if Biden is leading the Democratic ticket... loL
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Not a lot of people like Alex Jones but...... Cruz Calls Obama "Dangerous and Terrifying" - YouTube
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    This is very lengthy (over an hour) but this man has some brilliant ideas.
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    I just got this in a e-mail and if Obama thinks I going to support his Affordable Care Act he better think twice after what he did to our gun rights,Obama and Coumo and the rest of there gang can go straight to hell and burn for all I care..They will never get my support on anything anymore..
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    How the West was lost by the selfie president | New York Post Times have changed and leadership in various countries has changed. Is it for the better?
  7. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Not sure if I checked back far enough to see if this is a duplicate... Cuomo: I'm Not Running for President - Government - Deer Park-North Babylon, NY Patch
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    Cuomo: I'm not running for president in 2016 | TheHill "New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) on Friday reiterated he is not running for president. In a visit to Buffalo, N.Y., Thursday, Cuomo acknowledged a recent poll by Siena Research Institute that showed his job approval was at an all-time low -...
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    Twitter: President Obama First Follower of @IHateN**gers Very strange. Could one of his minions be behind the whole thing?
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    On November 19, “Remembrance Day,” the nation commemorates sesquicentennial of the 1863 dedication of Soldiers National Cemetery at Gettysburg. Unfortunately, the President is too busy to attend. A short speech was delivered on that occasion by his predecessor, Abraham Lincoln. It was...
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    [Watch] Putin Speech - Sounds Like Reagan, Pro-Traditional American Values, Religion - The Free Patriot Not saying I trust him, but holy crap! I would trade Obumer for some future draft picks and cash considerations.
  12. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Get's going to happen! Soros donates big bucks, joins Ready for Hillary national finance council | Fox News
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    Trey Gowdy Berates National Parks Director for Favoring 'Pot Smoking' Occupiers Over 'Veterans' - YouTube This video is priceless. The parks director looked very uncomfortable taking one for the team.
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    Ecuador president compares US to Nazi Germany | The Daily Caller Funny where my focus is, I assumed he was basing it on trampling the 2nd.
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    And thinking like this will continue the pussification of this country. Anyone who thinks this is welcome to move to Canada or Mexico or Africa. Regarding Washington Redskins name change, 'never' may be sooner than anyone thought - The Washington Post Washington Redskins, Barack Obama & a...
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    I started a new Facebook Group. DRAFT GARY SINESE FOR PRESIDENT 2016. Gary is an actual Republican Conservative, and the leader of a small group of Hollyweird Conservatives. He is the real deal giving a lot of his time and money to help veterans and support Conservative causes. I don't find...
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    Nothing I could say would surprise you about this POS... so I just wanted to share this picture and make sure others saw it... hands on his crotch, to honor those fallen protecting us....
  18. Firearms in the News
    [Video] BREAKING: Hornady President Issues Statement on Ammo Shortage "As we've said all along, and as Steve reinforced, the ammo shortage is being caused by us, the shooting community. Panic buying and ammo stockpiling is leading to a shortage of ammo." When I first saw his picture I thought...
  19. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Thats right kids, our very own Rep. Peter (Looks a lot like Feinstein) King has announced he is running for President...... isn't this special: Peter King: 'Right Now I'm Running for President'
1-20 of 102 Results