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  1. Preparedness
    Survival Gear - Camping Supplies - Emergency Preparedness ordered a few things from then, there was a small mistake(he duplicated my order and sent the wrong size) a couple emails later problem solved with a little bonus thrown in for my problems, which was almost as much as the value of my...
  2. Firearms in the News
    Teaching kids how to use MSR's
  3. Preparedness
    I know it's comedy, but did anybody else watch the Simpsons episode on prepping tonight? It was pretty funny.
  4. Other Weapons
    Before all the guys go off for the 3 gun shoot in Kentucky, Jeff came home to visit. Decided to get a little shooting in although it's not quite 3 gun practice. Shooting apples without the need for gunpowder. :)
  5. Preparedness
    Just curious what everyone thought of this show? I personally thought it was interesting, I learned a lot and thought it was interesting to see what people have done to prepare. There were some practical people on the show as well as some nut jobs..I guess there is going to be a second season...
1-6 of 6 Results