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    I figured this would fit the bill as something just about anyone could have some fun playing with. Up for grabs is a new in the package SIG Sauer GSR 1911 Airsoft Pistol. I'm also going to include for the winner a bag with around 300 TSDtactical 'competition grade' .20g BBs.(200 black and close...
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    I was wondering if anyone here knows what might be causing this. I am running Firefox 26.0 and embedded videos are not showing up in posts. Just a blank area in the page where the video is, nothing to indicate there is content there. If I go to Youtube videos come up and play fine? If I open the...
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    Thought this might give you guys some hope. this clown is painting himself into a corner...Maybe between this and his closing of the Long Island City Hospital more people in NYC will come around. Sorry, Minorities: Cuomo Doesn't Care About Racially Biased Marijuana Arrests : Gothamist
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    Gun Gripes Episode 83: Gun Confiscation...Is it on the way? - YouTube Good for Barry and Eric for doing this video about the situation here in NY.
  5. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    For all you limp wristed posters who find it so necessary to tell us about how you are leaving this state to be free and how you are taking your toys and moving please do us all a favor and just do it and shut the hell up. Tired of hearing all you wussies who are going to run now that your...
  6. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Queens Man Arrested for Facebook Posts After Zimmerman Verdict - WNYC My opinion is that we live under the thumb of a corrupt, de facto government that has no legitimacy to me. We do not live in a free society. We live in a police state within which thoughts alone are punishable without...
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    Pike stops issuing out-of-state gun permits | Milford PA | Local News On a thread titled "Pike County PA, no longer accepting NYS applicants," a poster in June wrote: "Just fyi I had saw a post a week or two ago about PA not accepting anymore applicants from NYS residents. My...
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    My wife is right, I spend way too much time with you guys and gals lol. So what's next?
  9. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    ***PLEASE SHARE...BREAKING NEWS***** Albany, NY Police Officers Union issues letter condemning Cuomo's "NY SAFE" saying it "violates fundamental constitutional rights" and is "morally wrong." I agree. Full text coming HERE soon. ***PLEASE SHARE...BREAKING NEWS*** You are watching...
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    Dear my fellow firearm friends and strangers, It has now been around three months I've been contributing to this site. I joined a week or so before the ban started, after reading as a guest for a long while. I was disappointed that a week after I purchased a certain firearm of mine, that I was...
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    1,000! I really gotta learn to keep my big mouth shut...... The rifle below is regular size.
  12. Announcements and Site Help
    Congrats gunner for making 5000 posts! Lol I noticed he is at 4,999 posts. One more to go!
  13. Firearms in the News
    He also posted a letter to the window of the shop, which says: "If you voted for President Obama or Governor Cuomo, you are not welcome in this store. Your actions have had a negative impact on the country and this business." Norwich, N.Y., Gun Shop Posts Sign Banning Obama Supporters (UPDATED)
  14. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    The 2013 legislative agenda has been posted at 2013 Firearms Bills Introduced Gonna be a busy year.......... Again!
1-14 of 40 Results