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  1. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Pump shotgun with pistol grip have any restrictions?
  2. Shooting Ranges
    Hello, I live in Elmsford, NY/Westchester County, can anyone recommend me a good shooting range indoor or outdoor. And if there’s any gun club around to join? Also I am willing to travel to either or. thanks in advanced
  3. Pistol Permits
    This is a question for my friend. He use to live in Florida 30 years ago. So 30 years ago he got a misdemeanor for exhibition of a firearm/weapon in Florida. Now he lives in NY will that disqualify him from getting a pistol permit? Thanks
  4. Handguns
    Anyone recently bought a pistol in DC? Purchased one 2 weeks ago today, just curious about the average turnaround these days. Dropped the amendment off and paid cash on 8/20. Thanks in advance!
  5. Handguns
    Albany county website says that pistol permit amendments are currently via postal mail (since last March) due to COVID. Anyone know recently, how long it takes to add/remove a pistol via amendment? Do they mail you the coupon and updated card or do you have to make an appointment to pick it up...
  6. Pistol Permits
    Just thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself and give my timeline as a Wyoming County resident. Picked up my application in late January of 2021 Handgun class 2 / 18 / 21 References all mailed back before 2 /22 / 21 Fingerprinting done on 2 / 25 / 21 Just received my letter today...
  7. Pistol Permits
    no criminal record, state job, great work history, business plans to start by the top of the year and yet was still denied. Not even restricted, just totally denied. Letter claims reason being was because in 2015 when I was 23 I was on an off road dirt bike on the street on my way to ride trails...
  8. General Firearms
    Looking for an experienced and knowledgeable gunsmith on long island. Any recommendations ? Nassau preferable Suffolk is ok as well.
  9. Pistol Permits
    I have an old paper pistol permit issued in Albany County. It is looking fairly ragged but still fully legible and I would like to get it upgraded to the new plastic permit. What is the procedure, cost, and timeline? I obviously will bring in the old permit, but specifically: Do I need to...
  10. Pistol Permits
    Hey everyone this is my first post here i just found this site scrolling online so i'll give a little background. Started my application process about 11 months ago now went through did everything the right way, bought a sig sauer p320 xcarry to register, which has obviously been sitting at the...
  11. Handguns
    Good day Fellow gun owners, I'm Wess and I'm a gun parts designer from The Netherlands ( You know ...Amsterdam ) and I specialize in hard to find.. basically unicorn parts. My first successful project is the locking block for the Beretta 1951 & Helwan line of pistols. It has taken me 2 years to...
  12. Handguns
    Hey guys. Ran into a few issues with my P80 build and need a place to get it serviced just need it disassembled and I'm going to need to buy a new slide regardless, I was wondering if you guys could recommend a shop that would take me. Called a few places and because I built it and don't have a...
  13. Competitive Shooting
    Located just East of Rochester, the Ontario Rod & Gun Club will be holding the 2018 New York State 3 Gun Championships. To register on practiscore follow this link: As a bonus, one lucky shooter will win a new Columbia...
  14. Pistol Permits
    Alright so long story short here... A couple years ago I was treated for anxiety/depression. Problems resolved medication went away and everything's good. I apply for my permit go through the process and get the notice that my previous psych provider got paperwork and I need to come in to...
  15. Pistol Permits
    Hey All. Just joined up! Great site, happy I found it. Ok here is my deal. Westchester resident, putting together all of my paperwork and have a gun shop helping me with the process. I have 3 arrests, 2 were dismissed and the third I plead guilty to a violation (disorderly conduct) in 2010...
  16. Pistol Permits
    Just looking for some advice here on who has the best/fair deals for purchasing a new pistol. I've been to Precision Armory and find that their gear runs pretty high above MSRP posted online. Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Pistol Permits
    Hi guys I will be applying for my NY pistol permit. I was wondering, what are the wait times are currently like in Monroe County? Are there any things that I can do to speed the process along, or at least keep it from dragging out for too long? And what is the law that I have seen mentioned...
1-17 of 500 Results