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  1. Shooting Ranges
    I'm looking for a place I went to years ago and shot clay pigeons. I know it's in Northern Oswego County. I wanna say Route 104. They had a course with different stations for shooting clays. I want to say maybe 20 or 25 stations. It's been about 15 years since I was taken there to learn how to...
  2. News Feeds
    Ban on Pigeon Shooting Could Be Voted on Today in Pennsylvania! As we have reported, State Representative Daylin Leach (D-149) is leading the charge for animal "rights" extremists in Pennsylvania.
  3. News Feeds
    Pennsylvania: Urgent: Pigeon Shooting Ban up for Possible Vote Next Week! The summer recess is over and Pennsylvania sportsmen's rights are in jeopardy!
  4. News Feeds
    Urgent: Pigeon Shooting Ban Up for Possible Vote Today in Pennsylvania! State Representative Daylin Leach (D-149) has filed amendments to Senate Bill 151 and House Bill 1543. These amendments could be voted on by the House as early as today.
1-4 of 4 Results