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  1. Wanted
    Nevermind all, found a solution. Sorry! Mods, can mark as done. I can'f find the option to change it. Thanks for looking!
  2. Accessories and Gear
    In order to achieve maximum eye relief, I need to shorten my scope base. What would you guys suggest using to cut it?
  3. Rifles
    Hello, title says it all. I have a Kalashnikov SKS which I want to mount a BSA Catseye 3-10 x 44 onto. So, for starters, the scope is not a variable. I chose this scope for this rifle, please don't recommend otherwise. I've checked into several different Picatinny Rail, receiver, and ring...
  4. Rifles
    Saiga picatinny rail issue I just purchased a 7.62 Saiga/AK. Photo below. It has a picatinny mounted in top. I want to mount this light I have: Streamlight 69110 TLR-1 C4 LED Rail Mounted Weapon Flashlight, Black...
  5. Shotguns
    Hello, I know the Pardner Pump 12g is a pretty popular gun but I can't seem to find a top rail that fits. I was wonder if anyone here has any personal experience with a top mount saddle picatinny rail for the Pardner Pump 12g that actually fits. I've tried a few made for the Rem 870 by Sun...
  6. Gun.Deals
    AR15 Carbine Length Rifle Weaver Picatinny Quad Rail Aluminum Handguard - $20.99 shipped Simmons RedDot 1x 20mm 5-MOA Dot, Red Illuminated Scope - $28.48 shipped (Record Low)
  7. Gun.Deals
    Accutact Anglesight w/ Standard Picatinny Mount, Black AS-STD - $144.55 shipped (record low)
  8. Gun.Deals
    Accutact Anglesight w/ Standard Picatinny Mount, Black AS-STD + Free Shipping - $189 (record low)
  9. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    I was reading the Governor's website and trying to figure out how I can go about making my AR a non-assault weapon. I plan on removing my brake, filing off the threads, adding a Monster Man Grip with red permanent Loctite to the screw. Only going...
  10. Gun.Deals
    CAA X6 Six Rail Picatinny Handguards - $39.95 shipped
  11. Vendors
    New in package Windham Weaponry Picatinny Rail Gas Block Kit. $60+tax. check us out at
  12. Vendors
    EMA Tactical MP5K 3 Picatinny Hand Guard Rail (HX3) [D1L6-AR27] 3 Picatinny Hand Guard Rail. Aluminum Made •Designed & manufactured for a 100% secure fit. •Provides a stable mounting platform for Picatinny accessories. •Lower rail - ideal for forearm grips. •Two side rails - ideal for...
  13. Shotguns
    I ordered a cheap UTG Weaver / Picatinny rail setup for my Mossberg 500 20ga to get an idea if I would even like the reflex sight before I went and dropped serious money on a good quality reflex sight. However after taking it out shooting last weekend, I could not get the sight dialed in. At 25...
  14. Accessories and Gear
    Anyone know if these exist? I know you can buy helmet cams that come with picatinny mounts but I have no interest in a small helmet cam.
  15. Rifles
    So, I tried to order a picatinny rail/vertical grip package this morning and it said because of local laws they couldn't ship to my address? Huh? For a vertical fore grip? Please Note Because of restrictions imposed by local laws, some of the items in your cart can not be sold to you...
1-15 of 15 Results