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  1. Carry/Conceal
    I have recently applied for and received both my New York and Pennsylvania concealed carry permits and wanted to have a handy way of recognizing the many delicate laws that come with carrying a concealed handgun within any state that has reciprocity with New York or Pennsylvania. I found a great...
  2. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    I reside in Erie Country, and on Saturday I received a call from someone conducting a phone survey. I inadvertently answered the call, because number looked similar to someone I know. Anyway, it was 2 question survey. The first question was "rate the job that you feel that governor andy is...
  3. Pistol Permits
    I submitted my application on March 27, 2013 and JUST received my phone call from the Sheriff to go over the application. He said the next step is to call my references........ Anyone have a general time from the point of first contact to actually getting their permit?
  4. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Remember this: Every politician anywhere is no better than you. Every one of them farts and then blames it on the person standing next to them, just like you do. SCOPE wants everyone to call Sheldon Silver's and Dean Skelos Office. Today. Preferably all at the same time. Here are the details...
  5. Ammunition and Reloading
    Always looking for a loop hole. Seems like all the wording that I read mentions no more INTERNET AMMO SALES. What if I call them directly to buy? I know that out of fear of reprisals the ammo dealers will consider both to be the same, but I was just wondering.
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    I have an iphone 4 s, I don't know y but whenever I try to take a picture it flashes and then goes back to the home screen. any ideas???
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Cameras are watching you. Time to weed out the bad apples. The worm turned on this Jackwagon. Caught on Video: Off-Duty Deputy Attempts to Arrest Soldier at Restaurant
  8. Firearms in the News
    15-year-old student arrested for 'terrorizing school' with YouTube video of phone app | Police State USA Wow... Just wow
  9. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    please delete
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    Is there anyone left who has a shred of respect for this has-been douchenozzle? BBC News - McCain caught playing phone game at Senate hearing Watch McCain plays poker during Syria hearing via CNN International on demand at Update: Busted! Sen. McCain Playing Poker On Smart...
  11. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    incase it gets "stolen"...then they can find it for you.....hey your guns might get stolen might as well register them too
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    Zimmerman's defense releases photos from Trayvon Martin's phone . Could be obambam's son...middle finger to America...Smokes weed....fascinated with guns...
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    Senators say NSA phone records played little role in stopping terror plots - The Washington Post "The National Security Agency's massive collection of Americans' phone records has "played little or no role" in the disruption of dozens of terrorist plots, contrary to Obama administration...
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    Hidden Camera Apparently Catches Companies Willing to Give 'Obama Phones' to People Who Say They'll Sell Them for Drugs, Cash | Video | Obama is my man and that is why he gets my vote.
  15. Off Topic Lounge
    New Jersey Cops Want Your Cell Phone | State | -- Your State. Your News. Jersey looking to seize your cell phone if your involved in an accident to see if you were texting. If the good Dr. beat me to this and its a dupe I apologize :D
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    The Fort Meade, Md. headquarters of the National Security Agency, which is vacuuming up Verizon call records "on an ongoing daily basis."(Credit: Getty Images) The National Security Agency is vacuuming up records of millions of phone calls made inside the United States, a top secret court order...
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    Beating of 66-Year-Old Man Caught On Cell Phone Video | This is why we need CC and schools shouldn't be GFZ's.
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    Gov't obtains wide AP phone records in probe It's getting hot in here.
1-19 of 57 Results