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  1. Training
    I'm So thrilled that PFC is making a NY tour especially with the political climate in the empire state this year. The facility in Alden is outstanding, easy to get to, full accomodations. Ive taken MDTS training courses there before. Again anything to do with great training plus Chris FRY...
  2. Training
    PFC T.I.D.E. 1 (Tactical Indoor Defense & Evac) Course Vid, Pics & Follow Up Info BIG THANKS to, All Star Tactical and for hosting PFC for this course at the new HQ in Farmington, NY. We had 20+ students attend this one day Indoor Defense and Evacuation course...
  3. Training
    Anyone else on here signed up for any of them? I'll be at all 3 days. Should and an awesome time and some great tier-1 training!
  4. Training
    Progressive FORCE Concepts will be in NY for two courses being sponsored by the NY-National Tactical Officers Assoc., see details below. The PSOC course is open to citizens who meet PFC background requirements and a brief phone interview with a PFC staff member. The PFC LE Carbine IC is a...
  5. Training
    Aug 26-27. Anyone going to attend this? Anyone looking to split a hotel room?
1-7 of 7 Results