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  1. Black Powder Guns
    I am currently shooting 2 pyrodex pellets out of my tc impact. I am using a 300 gr bullet and was looking for a little more punch. I attempted to find the 50/30 pyrodex pellets but the are not to be found on this planet (if you find them no one will ship them). MY only other option seems to...
  2. Black Powder Guns
    these frikin things are almost impossible to find. I can find them online but refuse to pay the hazmat charge. went to gander in Middletown and they are all but clueless. I can check one more store up in Roscoe but I don't expect them to have them.
  3. Black Powder Guns
    I'm not a muzzle loader guy but saw this and thought I would post. Would have been worse if it was black powder! - Muzzle Loader Accident
1-3 of 3 Results