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    As an NRA member, I received a DVD from the PDN and Rob Pincus. The title was Combat Focus Training. I enjoyed it very much and can continue to receive different titles at $12.95 if I choose. It also came with a nifty coin that will come with each one and has a different firearm on it. I was...
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    Thanks to those who voted, the contest is over. Due to work I was unable to rally the troops early enough but did get 6th place. Thank you again everyone. If you have a facebook account please take a few moments to hit the VOTE button for me so I can win some free stuff. Thanks guys and good...
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    While I'm down here on vacation, I've been watching various firearms DVD's so expect more of these reviews from me! Anyways, I watched this latest one from Personal Defense Network. PDN is one of the premier websites to find personal defense video and training. They offer many DVD installations...