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    LOL. Not 100% sure but it definitely looked like him.
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    Paul Walker the guy from the Fast and Furious movies dead at 40 Paul Walker dead at 40: 'Fast and Furious' star killed in fiery car crash - NY Daily News Paul Walker Dead At 40 - Business Insider
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    Paul Harvey's warning to America - YouTube and
  5. Rochester Personal Defense, LLC
    YES! Another great talk by the entertaining and informative Dr Paul Maurer, MD. If you have attended in the past, come see the new material! If you have not yet attended, you should come! Dr/ Maurer has real world, first hand experience with ballistics and is one of the US's top ballistics...
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    Just In From SCOPE! Paul A. Wojdan of Lockport Will Be Arraigned Wednesday, November 6th at 9:30 AM in Lockport City Court. This is the man that had his firearms confiscated for having more than 7 rounds in it. We Need A Great Show Of Support For Paul. 1 Locks Plaza, Lockport, NY 14094 See...
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    NYSRPA endorses Paul Wojtaszek for State Supreme Court
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    Biden Warns: GOP Led By Two Young Senators, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul | The Weekly Standard He is such a joke.
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    "Paul said he wants to get the support of 10 million Americans." We should all sign on! Rand Paul planning class action lawsuit against surveillance programs
  12. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    So I am kinda sure this goes here, hopefully it hasn't been posted before, I searched a bit but didn't find it. (ps if it doesn't start from the beginning then just move the slider to the start, sorry) It is a long video, 25 minutes or so, but really worth watching, particularly the last...
  13. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Senator McCain Sides With Harry Reid Gun Control - Goes After Senators Rubio, Paul, Cruz, and Lee… - The Ulsterman Report
  14. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    He said they will definately filibuster regarding gun control. I am going to say the following being totally secure in my sexuality. I love that man!
  15. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Sens. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are threatening to filibuster gun-control legislation, according to a letter they plan to hand-deliver to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's office on Tuesday....Rand Paul and Ted Cruz threaten filibuster on guns - Jonathan Allen - UPDATE...
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    Not sure if he is a member here. I have something for him. It's a shirt, i am not a stalker.
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    Conservatives urging Rand Paul to run for president |
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    When I saw this I thunk...huh? Never saw CNN vouch for a conservative before. New leader of the GOP: Rand Paul -
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    Mr. Smith went to Washington; Senator Rand Paul held the floor for over 13 hrs not being able to sit (lest he loose the floor), stop talking, did not eat, or go to the bathroom until he made sure his message was heard. After hours tweets went viral and other senators came to his aid in his...
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