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  1. Gun.Deals
    5.11 Tactical Shirts, Pants and T-Shirts - $4.99 + Free Shipping for orders over $25
  2. Carry/Conceal
    I saw this link posted on another forum I visit frequently. Eveyone there thinks this is not a good idea but I'm not sure I agree. Battle Pants I understand people balking at the price and the overwhelming "tactical appearance". But what is wrong with a pair of pants that contains a large...
  3. Preparedness
    It's a two review day. Just got some new pants. Czech M85 Field pants from here. Czech OD M85 Field Pants - Used from Hessen Antique I got my first order of them last week but the sizing was off. I normally wear medium everything, pants included, but the medium M85 pants were massive on me...
  4. Firearms in the News
    Michael Johnston Allegedly Shoots Up Public Dock, Poops Pants
  5. General Firearms
    THIS IS ! Idiot with a gun almost blows off his head - YouTube
  6. Carry/Conceal
    Had to buy some extra waist girth for me to fit my 1911 on my hip with my IWB holster, worth it, can't even tell I'm carrying it. Hopefully I got enough pants to last me a bit without buying more, all my shirts were already long enough to cover the handle luckily.
  7. Accessories and Gear
    Been looking to get some new jeans and/or tactical pants soon. I'm only 19, and have worn basic Hollister, Abercrombie, and many other styles. Looking to see what everyone likes. I like a rather relaxed fit, but not too baggy. Recently ordered these, from but would like some new...
  8. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Trotter, who has been in office since for 19 years, had just announced last week that he would run for the Congressional seat vacated by former US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. earlier this fall.
  9. Firearms in the News
    Dude, we need to talk. Police: Gun fired after it falls out of man's pants |
  10. Accessories and Gear
    Just got an email from Botach Tactical, they are having a great deal on the Woolrich Elite Discreet Pants. Woolrich Pants Special
  11. Accessories and Gear
    I was in Macy's tonight buying some clothes for my honeymoon & I saw these Timberland cargo pants on sale. I was going to buy some cargo pants from 5.11 for shooting matches, but nothing could touch the deal on these Timberland cargos. Regular price was $70, on sale for $35 plus another 25% this...
  12. Accessories and Gear
    what are the best kind to get and where is the best place to get them?
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    At first I thought the elephant was pissed off at the car but then I noticed something else in the photo which makes the look on the people's faces even better. I don't think the elephant is mad... Link to larger photo...
1-14 of 15 Results