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  1. Shotguns
    After taking this forums advice in this thread, I'm back for a little more related advice. My fiance love her new gun, in fact shooing a 22 to my 23 in trap on her second time out (yep, my winning won't last long, and I'll rue the day I bought her that). What I can't find is a good recoil pad...
  2. Rifles
    I have a Savage M-11 youth model in 7mm-08. I started off with 140 gr ammo, and could only fire about a dozen rounds before my shoulder was killing me. Switched to 120 gr. last weekend, and can get through a box, but my shoulder is still sore today. (I"m kinda skinny, so I don't have a lot of...
  3. Rifles
    I'm looking for a soft butt pad for my Mosin. The ones on Ebay from what I have read are hard rubber. Anyone can recommend me one that is not a slip on? I assume the slip on ones do not work since the buttstock is so small or do they? James
  4. Vendors
    FNH Cell Phone Pad [D2R4-AW32] Do you love your FNH pistols and Rifles show the world with this quality silicone cell phone pad PHONE NOT INCLUDED $4.99
  5. Shotguns
    I love my new Remington 870 Express Youth. But I need a recoil pad that is fitted to me better. I am still having trouble comfortably shouldering it. Who should I go to? I live in Monroe County but would travel a but if it is someone people really like. I heard it would be best if I went...
1-5 of 5 Results