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  1. Handguns
    I have a Kel Tec P11 and after not firing this gun for a few years, noticed a quirk in the slide. When the mag empties and the slide locks back, slide does not then return to forward position when pulled rearward, as it should. The slide release button seems to freeze in lock position. With the...
  2. Handguns
    Ok so I got my wife 2 mags to go with her Kel-tec p-11 and she was loading them up and after you get about 6-7 round in the mag the rest start rattling around in side the mag. Any idea ? Oh they are double stack magazine.
  3. Handguns
    Looking at picking up a Ketec PF9 or P11. Anyone have any history with either one. Will be used for Con / carry. Have heard pros and cons, but looking for live feedback.
  4. Handguns
    I have the chance to pick up a brand new Kel Tec P11, with an extra mag and 2 pinky extensions for a damn pretty good price. I have not been a Kel Tec fan before, but I have been looking for another 10rd 9mm as a secondary pistol and I think for this price, I can whore myself out to Kel Tec...
  5. Handguns
    Here is the results of shooting my new little Conceal Carry Gun. Here are 3 target shot from 15 ft. The first target was the first time I shot the Kel Tek P11 from a rest and shot 20 rounds. All shot were aimed at center of target. The orange dot is 3 inches. The second target was free hand from...
  6. Handguns
    First to get a couple things out of the way. I have done alot of shooting even though I am young. So I dont need a .22 to learn on. Also i am not buying a kel tec because of the low price although it is a plus. I am looking to buy a kel tec because I have had exceptional results with their...
1-6 of 6 Results