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    As I'm getting ready to bail out of work for the long holiday weekend, I realize that I won't likely be online that much. So let me take a moment to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time, whatever you do with it. Thanks for being so kind and welcoming here on the internets...
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    Tongue-in-Cheek? SNL & Miley's Trashy Tactics - YouTube We need our message delivered to the celebrity-obessed sheeple more from people like AlfonZO. Brit Hume, and other stuffed shirts are not connecting with this demographic. I'm country and Zo is urban, but he delivers logical, intelligent...
  3. Rifles
    Looking to get a new stock for my 700 short action. Like the gained ease of cleaning with the folding stock. I definitely want an adjustable comb, and to be able to mount my harris bipod. If not the aics - what do you suggest, and more importantly why? I should mention - does the AICS come...
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    So kinda at a loss for words. Imagine that. So what have you guys got to talk about, lol?
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    Pepper-spray cop no longer employed by UC Davis | The Lookout - Yahoo! News hahaha i texted him when his cellphone number was leaked. he never replied.