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  1. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Well tomorrow is the big day for NYS with Dear Leader presenting the NYS Budget. As reported locally, NYS has a 1.7 Billion dollar deficit and the plan by "the man" is to have a 500 Million dollar surplus in three years. "The man" will be offering up 2 Billion dollars in tax breaks, from where I...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    What a great day (well aside from the PATH being shut down this morning and having to take the Ferry to get to work, lol). Just got home to start almost 2 weeks off from work. Boy, the wife and the dog are at his basketball game, allowing me 1 hr of piece and quiet, lol... Making considerable...
  3. General Firearms
    Have to vent. :puke: I have some stuff for sale on Gun Broker (GB). I'm not a newb there, I have an A+ (60) transaction rating. I have been around, with both buy and sell. So, I have this barreled action and barrel bands k98 Mauser auction. It has a defect (some genius machined off a shroud...
  4. Firearms in the News
    We need to stay persistent guys! This could be us next!!! They have basically lost all 2nd amendment rights there! SB 683 [Firearms: Firearm Safety Certificate]....Passes 28-11 SB 53 [Ammunition: Purchase permits] ...Passes 22-14 Summary: Ammunition buyer permit requirement; face-to-face...
  5. Firearms in the News
    Florida man mistakes girlfriend for hog, shoots her | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Crazy Car Pranks! - YouTube This is a kipkay video. He is a popular tech guy on YouTube with some pretty cool projects and pranks. Well, in this one, one prank involves his glove box. He opens it up and there is a Kahr PM9, in a holster, in it. I think "Cool." Boy, you should see the YouTards...
  7. Handguns
    Just picked this up today! Ed Brown Executive Carry, straight grip (instead of standard bobtail) Ambi safety and no engraving on the slide! WOW!!!!!! G
1-7 of 7 Results