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  1. Competitive Shooting
    Registration begins at 10:00 a.m., unlimited sighter shot's and 40 rounds for score. Match fee is 10$, the season is winding down so get your trusty rifle out and come have some fun! Regards, Dan
  2. Competitive Shooting
    Be there or be square. Starts @ 10:00 Costs $10.00 40-rounds for score Unlimited sighters 250-yards
  3. Competitive Shooting
    Starts @ 10:00 Range: 250-yards 40-rounds for score Unlimited sighters Fired in two, 20-round stages Cost: $10.00 Be there or be square.
  4. Competitive Shooting
    There'll be another 250-yard F-Class match held at Odessa this Sunday, April 22nd. at 10:00. Be there or be square. The firing line is covered so don't fear the rain.
  5. Long Range Precision Shooting
    FWIW, the first F-Class Match of the season will be Saturday, April 7th at Odessa. It starts at 10:00 am and costs $10.00 There will be 40-rounds for score and unlimited sighters. This is a very low key event and everyone is willing to help out new shooters. It will be shot at 250-yards. This is...
  6. Shooting Ranges
    I just signed up this morning. Seems like a good bunch of guys. I didn't have a chance this morning, but I hope to get some rounds down range next week.
  7. Competitive Shooting
    Saturday, June 5th 10:00 start $10.00 match fee 50 rounds 200 yards
  8. Competitive Shooting
    The first match of 2010 is scheduled for this Saturday (4/3/10) Good weather is in the forcast. $10/40-rounds for score/unlimited sighters/@200 yards Be there or be square.
  9. Competitive Shooting
    There will be an F-Class rifle match at the Odessa club this Sunday. Registration: 10:00 am. Cost: $10.00 Range: 200 yards Rounds: 40 for score, unlimited sighters Odessa is a few miles ouside of Watkins Glen. Wear your woollies.
  10. Competitive Shooting
    There will be a 200 yard F-Class rifle match at the Odessa Community Conservation Club this Saturday. Registration @ 10:00 Cost: $10.00 Rounds: 40 for score with unlimited sighters Very nice bunch of guys. Any centerfire rifle from the what you brung. No prizes, just a good time.
1-10 of 10 Results