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    A Mother's Prayer May Have Prevented a McDonald's Massacre, and the Cops Say They've Never Seen Anything Like It | Video | Very strange set of events for sure.
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    Wisconsin: City of Milwaukee Plans to Push Numerous Anti-Gun Provisions Milwaukee's Mayor with the support of the Chief of Police, are at it once again, pushing several new proposals in an effort to further erode the city's Second Amendment rights. These provisions include mandatory reporting...
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    New York State Senate May Consider Numerous Anti-Gun Bills! Despite several court actions and ongoing negotiations between Democrats and the so-called "Coalition Conference," neither side seemingly has a clear majority after the coup of 12 days ago. The last day of session is set for Monday...
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    New York to Consider Numerous Anti-Gun Bills Next Week! The following anti-gun measures are awaiting action on the Assembly Floor in preparation for "Anti-Gun" bill day in the Assembly that will take place on Tuesday, April 28.
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    Governor Vetoes Numerous Pro-Gun Bills in Virginia!
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    Arkansas: Numerous Pro-Gun Bills Need Your Help Today! Time is quickly running out on the legislative session in Arkansas, and several bills need your help. Friday, March 20 is the deadline for action on all of the NRA-supported measures below, so your action is critical at this time...
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    Numerous Pro-Gun Bills Moving in Tennessee! On February 25, the following NRA-backed pro-gun measures passed the House Judiciary's Sub-Committee on Criminal Practice and Procedure. These bills now move to full House Judiciary Committee, which meets next Wednesday, March 4...
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    Numerous Virginia Pro-Gun Advancements Need Your Help Today! Three pro-gun bills (HB1851, HB2144, and SB1035) were approved by the Virginia Senate yesterday and they are now on their way to the desk of Governor Tim Kaine (D) for his consideration...
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    Numerous Pro-Gun and Pro-Hunting Bills to be Heard Soon in Maryland! There are several pro-gun and pro-hunting bills making their way through the Maryland Legislature that will be considered in the coming days. Dates have yet to be scheduled.
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    Numerous Virginia Pro-Gun Bills Pass Sub-Committee Vote Earlier this week, the House Militia, Police, and Public Safety Subcommittee passed several pro-gun bills.
1-11 of 11 Results