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  1. Firearms For Sale
    I'm selling my Ruger 10/22 Stainless which I purchased about 4 years ago. I never really shot it much and it's just been sitting in my safe so i figured i might as well put the money towards a new project. It will come with a Hogue rubber stock, Nikon Rimfire (3x12x40) scope and Leopold rings...
  2. Gun.Deals
    Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BDC Riflescope, Black, 2.5-10x40 - $135.61 + FREE One-Day Shipping (second lowest online is $199)
  3. CameralandNY
    As I am sure you are aware by now, a little while ago we started a "Deal of the Day" promo. This, "Deal of the Day" is posted everyday I am here at work, assuming I find the time each day to do this, lol. We buy lots of demos, close-outs and assorted new product deals and sometimes we wind up...
  4. Gun.Deals
    Backorder - Nikon P-223 3x32 Matte BDC Carbine - $87.96 shipped (Record Low)
  5. Gun.Deals
    Record Low Prices on Nikon Scopes @ Amazon
  6. Gun.Deals
    Nikon Monarch 4-16 X 42mm SF $100 Off - $289 shipped, 5-20x44SF - $349 + Free S/H Leupold Rifleman 3-9x40mm Waterproof Scope - $169.99 + Free Shipping, Leupold RCX-1 8MP Trail Camera - $80.99 + Free Shipping
  7. Gun.Deals
    Price Reduction on Nikon ProStaff Rifle Scopes + Free Shipping
  8. Gun.Deals
    Nikon ProStaff Rimfire 4 x 32 Black Matte Riflescope (Nikoplex) - $89.99 shipped (Record Low)
  9. Gun.Deals
    Nikon Monarch X Riflescope 2.5-10x 44mm MilDot - $699.98 (was $1299) Nikon Monarch X Riflescope 2.5-10x 44mm Illuminated Mildot Red/Green/Black - $749.98 (was $1399)
  10. Accessories and Gear
    I am looking at a scope for my gun and was looking at the Nikon scopes. They have the P-223 3-9 X 40mm on sale this weekend for $169 and I am just curious if anyone here is using one and what they think of it?
  11. Gun.Deals
    Nikon ProStaff 3 Laser Rangefinder, Black - $129.98 + Free Shipping (Record Low)
  12. CameralandNY
    Nikon Buckmaster 4-12x50 Matte Riflescope Sale Only $249.99 We picked up a deal on these scopes with the Nikoplex reticle from one of our distributors. As we are a camera store Nikon, due to their internal politics, will not sell us their riflescopes, however, when a great opportunity...
  13. Other For Sale
    I got a nikon D50 and a couple extra lenses. Lenses.. 18-55 kit lens with broken AF. Not sure what happened to it. Still works fine but you have to focus manually. 70-300mm 4-5.6 with a hood. Works great, no issues. 50mm 1.4 MF only. This lens rules. I use it more than any other. Yes it is...
  14. Gun.Deals
    Nikon Buckmaster Series Riflescopes $100 Off - from $129.99
  15. General Firearms
    Hello all from lower westchester :-) .... Been in the market for a new 3-9x40 for the new ruger 77 i picked up and have been looking at the nikon prostaff (current model) any feedback would be great, i am a deer hunter so fogging is a major factor
  16. Gun.Deals
    Nikon ProStaff 3-9 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope (Nikoplex) - $99.98 shipped Record Low
  17. Accessories and Gear
    I have an AR-15 and I am thinking about a Nikon P223 scope. Is this the way to go or should I go with an Eotech site? Thanks for any input.
  18. Gun.Deals
    Back in Stock - Nikon ProStaff 3-9 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope (BDC) - $109 after $30 Rebate + Free Shipping (record low)
  19. Gun.Deals
    Nikon ProStaff 3-9 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope (BDC) - $109 after $30 Rebate + Free Shipping (record low)
  20. CameralandNY
    Nikon Sports Optics Super Blowout Sale We just got in a nice sized shipment from Nikon of demos, samples, refurbs, etc. These are all optically and functionally as new. I have not opened all the cartons or each individual product as that would take forever, however, going off of past experiance...
1-20 of 28 Results