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  1. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
  2. Firearms in the News
    Go to Amazon and put this under the search. 0865652759 A nice coffee table book.
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    Go to Amazon and type in B00C2WPELO for the item number.
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  5. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    That must make their day. FUAC
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    Do they understand me or what?
  7. General Firearms
    Hey Everone! My co-worker USMCverteran and I decided to get each other Christmas Presents this year. His gift to me is absolutely spot on as to how I think! I will display this sign proudly in my home! Here's the Sign:
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    Finally had a chance to meet a fellow NYF member, nice to meet Ranger1033. Great to do some business with. Thanks and I hope to catch up with you again.
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    Rear seat of pick up has a little storage area underneath... Had to cut out the dial because it wouldn't close, no biggie... beats the glovebox, lol...
  10. Hunting, Fishing and Trapping
    Up yours, Piers.... Sarah Palin taunts Piers Morgan with picture of bear she shot dead and posted on Facebook | Mail Online
  11. Other Weapons
    So I sold off all my knives this past year except for a couple pocket knives. Well for my 5 year service anniversary at work they gave me a cool little thank you bonus, catch was I can only shop at places through some corporate program. Well Cabela's happened to be one of the shops and look...
  12. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
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  14. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    New York State Fair Cuomo Cannot Hide From Us ! - YouTube I know there was one showing him with "Sam", but this is a little different. Where do I get one of those shirts?
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    There's a special place in hell for this lady | Scott Sloan Like the title says, "There's a special place in hell for this lady".
  16. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    "@NYGovCuomo: I join all Americans in mourning the 12 innocent lives lost during the tragic & senseless attack at the Washington Navy Yard. The guy was from NY, he only had five "bullets" in his shot gun, he just took all the guns from the security force and used them, so much for gun free...
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    Andrew Cuomo is out of gas | New York Post
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    Recently bought a nice St Croix. Wife just busted the tip off... $350 down the drain.... Ugh. And it was in pursuit of saving some other guys rod lol. F it. Getting another one tomorrow....
  19. Accessories and Gear
    1400 $ gun safe up for sale on the innerwebs for......wait for it................... 200 $:ooh: And she knew what she was doing. :leave: Don't say I didn't warn you.
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    Good cop, how a cop should behave - YouTube
1-20 of 74 Results