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  1. Introductions
    I've been lurking for years and have finally decided to stand up and participate a bit. Recently moved from Washington County to South Rensselaer County. I've got a few questions that I could use some opinions on and will post them to the appropriate forums. Great community, I hope to be able...
  2. Introductions
    Hello everyone. My wife and I are considering applying for pistol permits and decided to join up. I'm not a noob to online forums so I'll be doing a lot of searching for now. For now, just one question. We had a rash of really bad luck with car accidents three years ago. Just wondering if...
  3. Introductions
    Nice to meet everyone. Joined for the forum 'for sale' section. Look forward to meeting some of you in person! :mad:
  4. Ammunition and Reloading
    hey I was talking to a friend and he said he was having fun with subsonic ammo for his .22. Question is I have never talked to anyone in NYS about it, nor have I seen it on the shelf (not that I was looking for it). so, can we buy it in nys? will it cycle a ruger 10/22? is it all that quiet...
  5. Introductions
    Im Phil from cheektowaga, After growing up shooting pellet guns and bows, etc.. Ive decided to jump back into the realm of target shooting and small game hunting. Ive recently been filled with the urges to go to a range and just unload the stress in life and just have fun. Which had lead me to...
  6. Introductions
    Had my CC permit for a couple months now, this site came up when googling something about NYC laws. Figured it would be a good community to join! So hello!
  7. Introductions
    Hey I'm Ryan from Rochester, NY I'm a first time firearm owner and I just purchased a Mossberg 500 Tactical or special purpose or what-have-you. I bought this for home defense and was thinking about ulitmately buying a longer barrel so I could use it for trap shooting or 5-stand. I have been...
1-7 of 7 Results