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  1. Shooting Ranges
    Depew range is opening soon but I ended up moving for work. Now I have to find another place that is closer to where I live. Niagara gun range and the place in Depew are both going to be about 20-30min drive for me. Anybody know of a place closer to Clarence Center, than the two places I...
  2. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    After 57 years of living in NY, I gave up. I quit my job, sold my house and moved to TN. Yesterday I got my TN drivers license and today I bought some Glock big capacity handguns (G22 and G27). I also have a so-called AW that I will have assembled at a gun smith next week. I also signed up...
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Hey guys, I bailed out of state after the battle was lost. Live across the border in PA now. I have a friend still in NY that wants to buy some ammo from me. Whatever happened with the ammo background provision in SAFE? Still in effect? Can I drop this off to him in NY without being a...
  4. Pistol Permits
    My amendment came back today with two (plastic) cards, lol. Moving up in the world. Took me long enough -- 15 years, ha, ha. Thank Coumo for that, went from 2 to 6 since January with more on the horizon. Time to give Firefly a call...
  5. Announcements and Site Help Thanks! :)
  6. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    This question is only about long guns from state to state from yourself to yourself. If I purchased a rifle legally when I was a New Jersey resident and have since moved to New York, do I have to transfer the rifle via a FFL to myself in New York?
  7. General Firearms
    Anyone in rochester area know about this. I know there location that I know them from is no longer but did they just move or close?? Thanks.......
  8. Pistol Permits
    Now I'm pissed I transferred it. Just went to the office yesterday to make sure they got my paper work from Putnam county for the transfer. Turns out they got it but the officer tells me "it came in with restrictions so were going to keep the restrictions on it" I had a hunting and target. So I...
  9. Rifles
    Any tips to restore an old Mossberg? i already figure I will clean the wood with olive oil. Whats te best way to clean the old gunk and oil off of the metal, without damaging it? Recommendations for any cleaning/blueing products will be appreciated. Im more concerned with the rifle...
  10. Pistol Permits
    I have moved from Monroe County to Wayne County. Do I need to transfer my whole permit over to the new county or just notify each county of my address change. I would like to keep my Monroe County permit as I know to process and have the ability to carry concealed on that permit. I am nervous...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    seems like everyone is selling b4 it goes much lower. If i didnt have a feeing it was going to stay high i might buy but i have a feeling we will be seeing $20-$18 an Oz
  12. General Firearms
    Well I'm finally gona for a few years for the Army again. Moved to Ohio and I must say, I'm like a little kid in a candy store at the gun stores around here. My AR is already unpinned on the stock, my former 10 round magpul mags are back to 20, I bought 7 30 rounders today, applied for my...
  13. Pistol Permits
    Hey folks, It looks like I have my work cut out for me. Ohio was very CCW friendly and I'm finding that this is not the case here in NY. The "just cause" or "good cause" requirement is an absolute joke in my opinion. RegardingOnondaga county, what are people having success with for good...
  14. Pistol Permits
    Moved to Dutchess a few weeks ago. I have already requested that Ulster County Transfer my records to Dutchess (Required). What do I expect now? I was told I would be notified when Dutchess county had the records. Will they be mailing me a Dutchess County Permit? Or will I have to fill out...
  15. Pistol Permits
    Hello, I'm a little bit unclear about what my options are in Monroe. Here's my situation: I'm originally from Connecticut where I hold a concealed carry license but I don't own any firearms at the moment. I moved to Rochester in 2006 for school until 2011. Currently I still have my...
  16. Introductions
    Name's Burdo. Just moved back here from Florida. Since NY is a little anal, left most of my toys down south. Looking for ranges and starting up a new NY collection. Don't really know many people up here, decent shops, or ranges.
  17. General Firearms
    I just left military service and am now back home. God I missed Buffalo. Now it's time to apply for my permit.
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    These guys came to help out after the storm left. Stationed out of Orangeburg NY
1-19 of 43 Results