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  1. The AR-15
    So I'm taking steps to getting a rifle that will be "good enough" for the few years I am still in NY. Until the day I can get a Colt 6720, I'll have to make due with the current laws. And yes, I used the search bar prior to posting. I'm looking at the Model 1 Sales: 5.56/.223 AWB LW CAR Upper...
  2. The AR-15
    Hello all, I am having a very nice Karma for you all,this will be for 2 separate drawings for 2 New Frontier Polymers, caliber - MULTI, Model - LW15 The lowers will not come with any Pistol Grip on them, the picture I am using is just for reference to show what the lowers will look like...
  3. Handguns
    Just received an email about some new models from Smith and Wesson. Looks a bit promising... New M&P Products M&P® BODYGUARD 380 – A new sub-compact .380 ACP pistol enhanced with M&P style features. Combining popular M&P characteristics with existing BODYGUARD features, the new M&P BG380...
  4. Handguns
    A single stack .380. BREAKING: GLOCK 42 Revealed? | The Truth About Guns It seems. Do you believe it?
  5. Shotguns
    I will post a picture in a bit but I have everything taken out of the receiver. Bolt, extractor, elevator, trigger group. I even managed to get the wooden forend off off the action. Took apart the magazine guts as well. So after all that though the action will not slide off of the magazine...
  6. Rifles
    I have a savage model 110 in 30-06 that i have been using as a deer hunting rifle for years. I've decided to lighten up on my hunting rifle and go for a .270. So, I'm looking to build a precision target rifle out of my action. Picked most of the components I plan on using, just having trouble...
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    The thought of Christmas brought up images of trains on the brain and I thought about doing an HO layout (I've been doing O27 for years) as I have not been into HO for a long while. It seems now DCC is the norm. When I was doing HO only the tech savvy and rich kids had DCC on their layouts. Now...
  8. Rifles
    Gun Profile: Carcano Model 91/38 - The Rifle Used to Kill Kennedy
  9. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Disarmament Before Genocide in America - The United Nations Model | The Liberty Digest "A lot of people are concerned about the direction the country is moving in. There are so many reasons which justify that concern that they are literally too numerous to count."
  10. Curios and Relics
    I briefly saw one of these things at an LGS in NY, in .300 Savage. It was for a good price (around 300 I think) and now I'm thinking I shoulda grabbed it, it seems like it was a hell of a cool gun and I woulda liked to use it for hunting down here in NC, could even take down some georgia bore...
  11. Handguns
    Okay my friends. I've been asked to take on an interesting project and you are just the guys to help me. My 91 year old uncle (Don) brought home from the WW2 European Theater a Luger Model 1914. Unfortunately, a local sporting goods store owner convinced Don to swap for a Ruger 22 pistol...
  12. Long Range Precision Shooting
    Does a bolt match rifle thats been modified to accept M-14 mags allow me to possess said magazines?.... or would I be subjected to that awful jail food.
  13. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Am I correct in this assessment? Page 68 in the American Rifleman, the Winchester model 73 holds 10 rounds of .357 Magnum. In that configuration the gun is "UNsafe" compliant (10 round tube). However, the SAME gun also holds 11 rounds of .38 Special which violates the "10 round magazine"...
  14. Handguns
    Looking for a ball park figure on a Model 17-4 in .22 ... thanks Dave
  15. Rifles
    Im looking to buy my son his first gun. Looking at a springfield model 87a 22lr and have tried everywhere on the web to find its value before I buy but no luck unless I want to pay for some value books. Idont want to do all that just for the value of one gun. Can anyone help?
  16. Rifles
    I have a .222 rifle that I'd like to make into a .223 - can someone suggest a good gunsmith in the Corning-Elmira area (preferably) or in the Rochester area? Also, any idea how much this might cost? Thanks...
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    This is a very good stiletto, a quality weapon. If you are going on a deployment then I recommend buying one. If you know someone that is going on a deployment then the Ek Commando Knife will make a fine gift.
  18. Handguns
    Anyone have a Smith model 27? I think I'm considering getting one as a wedding present for myself! I would think ladder and gunner might have one or more of them.
  19. Rifles
    Hey guys I bought a Savage Model 11/111 Hog hunter in a .308.....Will an aftermarket Model 11 stock fit it ?? It has a heavy contour barrel on it.....The stock that came on it sucks, great rifle over other than that though, the open sights are super....! Also is there a detachable mag kit made...
1-20 of 138 Results