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  1. Gun.Deals
    Nikon Monarch X Riflescope 2.5-10x 44mm MilDot - $699.98 (was $1299) Nikon Monarch X Riflescope 2.5-10x 44mm Illuminated Mildot Red/Green/Black - $749.98 (was $1399)
  2. Long Range Precision Shooting
    Okay, I've done a lot of reading on scopes. I know I want to get a mil-dot scope for my AR15. I have basically chosen the Millett TRS-1. It's a 4x16x50mm with a 30mm tube. The question I need answered is this: do I get the 1/4 MOA turret or the 1/10 MIL turret. MOA and MIL. If someone could...
  3. Accessories and Gear
    I am into guns and shooting, more so pistols and shotguns than rifles. I shoot rifles a lot too but am certainly not into all of the nomenclature and other technical stuff about them. I have a lot to learn and my guess is that many others out there also have a lot to learn. I learned something...
  4. Rifles
    The Sniper definition of Danger Space (DS) is; that distance spanning a target, of a given height, in which the trajectory of the bullet will still strike the target somewhere above or below the aiming point depending upon whether that target is nearer or farther away. DS grows smaller as range...
1-4 of 4 Results