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  1. Gun.Deals
    Midwest Industries Gen 2 SS-Series Rails - $123 + FREE shipping
  2. The AR-15
    Odd Issue: Midwest Industries Complete Upper: Can't Charge Weapon While On M&P Lower So my new MI-16MFSS12 complete upper on my Smith & Wesson M&P15 lower. The pivot pin is very tight. When completely installed, with pins all the way in, on this lower, I cannot pull the charging handle back...
  3. Accessories and Gear For Sale
    Palmetto State Armory Complete Upper 14.7" w/ BCG. 1/7 twist hardened chrome lined barrel. Midwest Industries mid-length Quad Rail. BCM BattleComp Compensator welded to barrel and BCM Med Charging Handle. This upper is completely post-ban and NYS compliant. This is a very nice upper, with a...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    NRA opens Midwest museum showing nearly 1,000 firearms | Reuters
  5. The AR-15
    Been looking for a pair of these forever. I see World's Largest Supplier of Gun Parts, Gunsmith Tools & Shooting Accessories - Brownells has a bunch. Good quality drop in rail system for those who don't like rails on their M4 forehand guards. These are the gen 2 models for carbine gas systems...
  6. MidwestPX
    MidwestPX Neutered PMAGs - For California Check it out!
1-7 of 7 Results