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  1. DIY Projects and Builds
    I've had an 11-87 Sportsman for a while now, but I wanted to start getting into hunting turkey, so it was time for some new parts.I picked up a Remington ShurShot camo stock, and Truglo Pro-series Magnum Gobble-Dot sights, as well as a Rem Choke Super Full extended choke. I ended up not using...
  2. Rifles
    After all this talk about Mini-14's in the other thread, I figured I'd post of some pics of my latest acquisition/project. I purchased this rifle from a board member a few weeks back. My dad bought me a Mini years ago, brand new, as a Christmas gift. I caught the AR bug soon after and sold it...
  3. Rifles
    just Tapco'd out my 10/63, everything fits nice and tight. What an improvement over the stock grip! Check it out * Edit : FYI - the stock is pinned
  4. Rifles
    Purchased a new GSG-5 SD last weekend. Here are the pics. Just finished it. I have over 500 rounds for it this weekend. Added a scope, bi-pod, front rail with laser and light, and a dual magholder
  5. Blog Posts
    Project Springfield XD-40 Makeover I recently posted about refinishing the slide on my XD-40 subcompact with Gun-Kote. Earlier this week I finished the rest of the project. While I had the sights off the gun for refinishing I decided to change to a set of night sights after learning a few...
1-5 of 5 Results