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    How do you guys lube or grease your AR? I have been reading and see several guys use wheel bearing grease, others Slip2000 EWL. Read several articles on using synthetic motor oil...To many choices.Do I really need something special for my new AR?
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    I have noticed several questions on the forum recently focused on lubrication and maintenance of the carbine. So, I thought I'd post some generalized guidelines for maintenance, cleaning and lubrication. If followed, these guidelines will keep your carbine functioning optimally with minimum...
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    long story short, I am doing a mag spring swap on a steel AK47 30-round mag. I got a great Wolff +5% spring from MidwayUSA (cheap too, like $8 or soemthing). I have just about every gun oil made (what? I like variety. ;) ), but nothing liike a grease and certainly nothing like cosmoline. what...