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  1. Gun.Deals
    Nikon Monarch 4-16 X 42mm SF $100 Off - $289 shipped, 5-20x44SF - $349 + Free S/H Leupold Rifleman 3-9x40mm Waterproof Scope - $169.99 + Free Shipping, Leupold RCX-1 8MP Trail Camera - $80.99 + Free Shipping
  2. Gun.Deals
    Leupold Mark AR Mod1 Bundle - $239.88 + Free Shipping
  3. The AR-15
    Gonna scope up newest build. Anyone have a look or shot with one of these? I been looking at Burris and Redfields. Not going the cheap route. Want something nice. Not huge high dollar but not cheap. Afgan 14.5, surefire brake, Syrac adjustable bloc, Bcm bcg, Troy alpha rail Thoughts
  4. Long Range Precision Shooting
    I have a leupold scope I am trying to figure out what it is. First letter in ser # is a P. it has big turrerts on it and only adjusts on the big end. says 12x 400 200 100 then 5|0 4|0. A friend is lettin me try the rifle because he wants to sell it. Its on a 700 22.250. cant seem to find...
  5. Accessories and Gear
    Been deciding on a rifle scope for my .223 Budget will be about $200-400, clearly wanting to stay on the cheaper side. I have found 2 that I really like, as the title suggests: Millet DMS 1-4x24 Millett Sights - Designated Marksman Scope Leupold VX Hog 1-4x20 VX I've heard some mixed...
  6. Accessories and Gear
    Just a heads-up,Midway has some great prices/deals on Leupold blemished scopes this month.They say there will be no difference in performance at all,and still carry life-time warranties with free shipping.Definitely will be getting me a couple of these within the next week or so,who knows how...
  7. Rimfire Handguns and Rifles
    Good choice for Ruger 10/22? Any recomendations on mounting. They seem to have low, std, med and high rings available. Also, gun came with a dovetail plate for mounting scope. Is this good option or are their better options. Just looking to plink out to 100 yrds or so for now, but would...
  8. Accessories and Gear
    Has anyone ever used one of these? I just bought this thing to sight my Vortex scope, and I'm having a wee bit of problem. Then again, it could just be me, too. :) Take a look at the picture. I followed the directions to a "T" and got the Zero Point centered in the scope. However, when looking...
  9. Rifles
  10. Rifles
    does anyone use this scope with the custome turrets? I am looking at buying one and want to know what you guys think about it. I go out west quite often and shoot long range targets here at home so this seems like it would work well. Any info would be appreciated.
  11. Accessories and Gear
    I'm looking to get a sight for my HK94 clone and I think I'm about ready to pull the trigger on a Leupold Prismatic sight. Any opinions on these? Anyone think I should not get it? Leupold || Prismatic Riflescope I checked one out at Gander today and it seemed pretty awesome. They wanted $600...
  12. Handguns
    Does anyone have any experience with the Delta Point on a S&W M&P Pro 9mm
  13. Accessories and Gear
    I'm looking into putting a decent scope on my new M&P 15OR which will be used to shoot a mix of varmint and targets. I'm interested in the Leupold Mark AR 3-9x40mm specifically but can't find to much info on it from people with experience using the scope. What I'm most interested in is how well...