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  1. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Things could go bad real fast in CT. I hope both sides can show some restraint. I personally wouldn't have published this list until after the state makes their first move but I imagine this has some of the legislators reconsidering the actions they have taken. Retaliation: Home Addresses of...
  2. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Obama Proposes Massive Gun Ban by Regulation Fiat GOA prepares legislation to block implementation In a “Friday media dump” designed to conceal its actions by releasing them after the press has left town, the Obama administration last week announced its intention to push two regulations which...
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Names Legislators of the Year
  4. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    I went to the BOL meeting last Monday. Only 10 people were allowed to speak. And on any topic. There were three people including me to speak about NY SAFE Act and the Westchester BOL resolution to follow it as well as demand stricter federal laws. i brought up the ammo capacity problem and...
  5. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    I posted something to this affect a while ago. I know that preaching to the choir is not enough so I changed it around and now am sending it to those in Albany that are on both sides of the issue. “Why would anyone not be in favor of SENSIBLE gun control?” I hear this all the time from the...
  6. Firearms in the News
    Not rolling over here.... Mohawk Valley state legislators meet with Remington Arms | NBC-WKTV News Channel 2 - Utica News, Weather, Sports - | Top Stories
  7. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Rockland Sheriff Louis Falco joined the Majority (52 out of 56) NY State Sheriffs in opposing many of the laws that come out of the NY Safe Act including beng against 7 Round Magazine Capacities for law abiding citizens. COPS FOR THE SECOND | The Rockland County Times There was one thing not...
  8. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    This was posted recently on Tom Bauerle's FB page. This is similar to what Oswego and some other counties have started doing. It may be meaningless but it's more formal opposition that Fuhrer Cuomo will likely have to read or hear about. Consider this breaking news and I'm not sure most local...
  9. Firearms in the News
    At least one county in CNY is on our side: Oswego County legislators to meet in opposition to new state gun laws - NewsChannel 9 WSYR
  10. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    OK, I have a new freshman assemblyman(D) in my district that I had conversed briefly with over facebook. Now, I want to see how this stuff is handled since he has a lot of free time being new and all. On facebook, I had asked if he would sponsor or support any gun control legislation. The...
  11. Firearms in the News
    Anyone have a list of anti- gun legislators in NY?
  12. News Feeds
    Nevada Legislators Override Gov. Gibbons' Veto of Apprentice Hunting Bill
  13. News Feeds
    State Legislators Against Illegal Guns Fools on parade. The Daily News reports: "… Mayor Bloomberg appeared at Gracie Mansion with Democratic state lawmakers to announce the formation of a New York chapter of State Legislators Against Illegal Guns. More than 50 Democratic state...
  14. News Feeds
    Utah: Legislators interested in states' rights gun bill Some Utah legislators are eyeing a bill aimed at preventing the federal government from regulating guns in the state.
  15. News Feeds
    Kansas: Legislators advance gun amendment Voters may get to decide next year whether Kansas should amend its constitution to clarify that the right to bear arms is an individual right, not a collective right.
1-15 of 15 Results