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  1. General Firearms
    I bought a bunch of reloaded .22 ammo today and when I went to use them they kept getting stuck in the bolt. Once I got them cleard I noticed they had some type of gunk on them. Is it safe to try and clean/polish the rounds to see if they fire when clean'd? If so what do I use to clean them?
  2. Rifles
    A buddy has a 1895G in 45/70 that he's sending to me. He bought it to hunt big game in CO, but had it jam on him so he's bought Winchester to replace it. It's been back to Marlin to be repaired, but he's not certain that it won't fail so he's passing it along. I've read about these issues...
  3. The AR-15
    I have a buddy with a Colt M4 that when it gets hot after 40-50 rounds jams, doesnt matter what ammo it just hangs up. Any ideas to look for?
1-4 of 4 Results