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    The Obama administration's useful lie about Iran talks - CBS News I know, I haven't confirmed the sources. I may be jumping the gun a bit because this is so out of character for this administration. Next thing you know I'm going to find out is there's no Santa Claus.
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    Iran: White House Lying About Details of Nuke Deal | Washington Free Beacon "Iranian foreign ministry official on Tuesday rejected the White House's version of the deal as "invalid" and accused Washington of releasing a factually inaccurate primer that misleads the American public." Why would...
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    Iran, world powers reach historic nuclear deal with Iran - The Washington Post We will see how this plays out.
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    Obama urges skeptical senators to hold off on Iran sanctions during talks | Fox News He really sticks up for his friends. As an American, I am jealous.
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    I'm curious about the nuclear talks with Iran. Seems to me like Israel keeps chirping in and suggesting we shouldn't trust Iran. OK, fine, let's not trust them. Not sure how I feel about that necessarily in the overall context of nuclear disarmament. But if I'm Iran, and I'm negotiating...
  6. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Iran Kind of like a fat guy telling you how to lose weight. Obama needs to pick up his cell and speed dial his buddies in Iran and tell them to calm down.
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    Iran to send 4,000 troops to aid President Assad forces in Syria - Middle East - World - The Independent
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    Iran to add lawsuit over 'Argo' to cinematic response - Iran's complaint... ""The Iranophobic American movie attempts to describe Iranians as overemotional, irrational, insane and diabolical while at the same, the CIA agents are represented as heroically patriotic," it complained." I...
  9. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    FIRST ON CNN: Iranian jets fire on U.S. drone - CNN Security Clearance - Blogs
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    Intelligence: Smart Rocks Invade Iran
  11. News Feeds UN Votes 134 to Nil for Global Gun Control: Iran v the World, US Absent UN Votes 134 to Nil for Global Gun Control: Iran v the World, US Absent Recently, the future of the United Nations (UN) process designed to coordinate global action against the illicit trade in small...
1-11 of 11 Results