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    For the life of me I cannot find a dual output drop in. I want a 400+ lumen (the higher the better) high and a long runtime low. It seems the only thing I can find is a single output or some ridiculous 5 output with strobe, SOS, bat signal and other useless non sense. I want a surefire p2x fury...
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    HOPE & OBEY OR ELSE: CNN "Today, Team Obama isn't getting any support from its normally active cheering section at CNN.Bob Laszewski, an executive who provides consulting services to many major American insurance companies, told CNN's Anderson Cooper: "The White House is exerting massive...
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    Used Sig Sauer P232 .380 Police Trades - $419.99 shipped Used Sig Sauer P229 40S&W Police Trades - $519.99 shipped
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    Ruger Mini 14 Late Model Police Trade Ins from $479
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    Just saw this ..not sure if anyone would be interested......Just thought I would pass it along. http://