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  1. Wanted
    A long shot, but here goes... I am looking to buy an IBM M1 .30 Carbine. It must be a complete IBM carbine - receiver, barrel, barrel band, trigger group, bolt, etc, and have the correct stock configuration. JL-B stock would be icing on the cake. What I'm willing to pay will depend on...
  2. Rifles
    I just bought a IBM U.S GI M-1 Carbine from a buddy for another buddy. And I am wondering what its worth and year's these were made? It looks to be all matching and only change I see is the rear sight. All in all its it great shape.
  3. Rifles
    I picked this up from a guy over on the Gunboards for less than it would have cost me to drive to the CMP and buy it. It looks good next to my Garand. Sorry about the flash, I need a new point and shoot. There is a small nick on the side. It looks like the sling has slapped the same place for...
1-3 of 3 Results