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  1. Accessories and Gear
    I am concerned about holster wear on my gun’s finish. Is there anything that can be done to prevent this?
  2. Carry/Conceal
    Is There Any Special Law About Gun Holsters in California?
  3. Carry/Conceal
    Hey everyone. My name is Spencer, I'm new to the forums here! I've been lurking around and there are some really great discussions and a ton of great information here. So first thank you for being a great resource for firearm owners who live in NY state. I want to help my friends and...
  4. Exile Machine
    Bianchi, DeSantis, Don Hume, El Paso, Fobus, Galco, Safariland, Uncle Mikes... These are just a few of the many brands we carry, and check out our low prices... We have 4300 different models in stock for immediate shipment; chances are we have one to fit your handgun and your lifestyle...
  5. Carry/Conceal
    Any one have one out there? I am thinking about buying one of the assemble it yourself kits to save some cash, but only if I can verify they're a good product.
  6. Accessories and Gear
    I'm sure this has been discussed and debated to death, but I'd like opinions on the two. I've mostly used leather, and had middling results. I've had one kydex holster previously, and that was the Galco KingTuk. Now, while I did not care for the KingTuk, there were reasons besides the holster...
  7. Carry/Conceal
    I've been thinking about picking up a shoulder holster for carrying with, Probably for the J-Frame revolvers. Any suggestions? I think it would be more convienant while driving the truck if I ever needed to use my handgun.
  8. Accessories and Gear
    I'm pretty new to holsters since I'm told I'm not responsible enough to carry. :cool: Anyway! I want to get holsters for each of my handguns. For my 22 and my LCR, I already have one. But, I also have a 6" revolver and a few Glocks. I've been told by people in free states that revolvers...
  9. Carry/Conceal
    The stores around here don't have the nice leather inside or outside the pants holsters. I like to see how they fit, me and the gun before I buy. Do you guys buy from the web or is there a secret place around here some where. Thanks
  10. Carry/Conceal
    Does anybody have any issues or comments about the " Sneaky Pete " holsters. I saw an ad in one of my magazines which really caught my eye. I don't know if anyone has bought one and has a review on it. It would be helpful if someone did have an experience with it.
  11. Accessories and Gear
    Just wondering who uses them and what they think of them (quality, concealment, comfort) looking to be able to conceal under a dress shirt or polo shirt. Price is extremely reasonable and looks like the guy uses quality material. Have heard some people say they are very comfortable, but...
  12. Carry/Conceal
    I just received a new holster from Defensive Line Leathers and wanted to write up a quick review. I wanted a leather OWB holster for my Sig SP2022. All my holsters are leather, must have a body shield and no top strap, so I usually customize whatever I buy. I also wanted to get an Avenger style...
  13. Accessories and Gear For Sale
    Glock 26 10 round mag - $20 SOLD FOBUS G26 HOLSTER - $10 SOLD Glock 19 High Noon IWB holster link $35 SOLD FOBUS Walther P99 holster - $10 Uncle Mikes paddlel holster beretta 92 - $10 TAPCO 870 adjustable stock - $30
  14. Accessories and Gear
    Does anyone have one of their holsters and if so what do u think. And would u have went with the crossbreed instead?
  15. Accessories and Gear For Sale
    You know that box full of holsters that everyone talks about? Well, here is mine. Left to right, top to bottom. Bianchi AccuMold Thumbsnap Belt Slide Fits my glock 19 and my S&W SW9VE $30 Uncle Mike's Sidekick Size 15 $15 Uncle Mike's Sidekick Size 8 $15 Uncle Mike's 1911 I bought this...
  16. Accessories and Gear
    I was considering getting this holster Down Under Straps Black and was wondering what you guys think about the company and holster. I'm just trying to justify the high price tag.
  17. Carry/Conceal
    Has anyone looked at these holsters from Sneaky Pete? Saw them advertised in American Rifleman and finally took a look at their site. SneakyPete They look a bit cumbersome for actual use. I would imagine that it would be easy to wear though. Does this have you covered in the "concealed carry"...
  18. Accessories and Gear
    I have been looking at reviews online for Comp-Tac holsters. All the reviews are from folks who just received their holster. Has anyone used a Comp-Tac for a period of time and if so what are your impressions to date? Thanks,
1-18 of 66 Results