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  1. Shooting Ranges
    I'm considering joining a R&G club once the weather warms up a bit. I drive by Holland R&G on Rt.16 nearly everyday and it would probably be the most convenient one for me to join. I'm only hesitant because I don't know anyone that has been there. How much are dues? How are the facilities...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    I just noticed the sign today. They are building a Lowe's on Rt. 16 in Holland where the old Sunoco station burned down across from the middle school. I'm wondering how the locals feel about this. Traffic already stinks on that stretch of 16. It's likely a new traffic light would have to go...
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Browsing Holland & Holland's New York City Gun Room | The Truth About GunsThe Truth About Guns Good article from TTAG, but a sentence caught me off guard: Did I miss this provision? I thought I read the text of the bill thoroughly and I don't remember reading or hearing about this.
  4. Competitive Shooting
    We are starting our summer 3 gun matches on Thursday May 9th, show up between 4 and 7 if you want to shoot. $5. Pretty informal lots of fun. All state laws apply with regards to firearms and mags. 1st time counts for score, time permitting you can re-shoot it for fun. PM me if you want details.
  5. Competitive Shooting
    As the season winds down, Holland Rod and Gun is having a 3 gun warm up for Saturday's Cortland match. Set up is at 3:00pm shoot the layout twice for $ 5.00 bucks. Hope to see you all there.b Time is running out for WNY outdoor shooting.
  6. Competitive Shooting
    Time for another 3 gun practice/shoot at Holland, Starts around 4:30pm, cost 5 bucks. Its a total blast to shoot.
  7. Competitive Shooting
    Should be a great day for another multi gun shoot. They start shooting at 4:30pm (3:00pm set up) and there is usually enough time to shoot the match twice. Cost is only $5Bucks. Approximate shot count is 15 shotgun ( 7 1//2s no slugs) 12 pistol and 20 rifle, bring extras. Stick around after the...
  8. Competitive Shooting
    Like the title says, this thursday, Holland Rod and gun, starts about 430, done by 8, small informal and a lot of fun, The only expectations from anybdy is: 1. Be safe, 2. help set up or tear down, tear down takes about 10 minutes. Cost is $5, cant be beat. Usually 10-15 pistol, 10-15 shotgun...
1-8 of 8 Results