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  1. Rifles
    Alright so I ordered my new Henry...had to go to Gander Mountain because that is where I had the gift certificates for...long story short I will have it Tuesday when it's delivered to the Gander Mountain in my area. So my main question is, what are the best/appropiate tools to pick up to...
  2. Wanted
    anybody got one of these in good shape and reasonable price? also interested in western items.
  3. Rimfire Handguns and Rifles
    SOOO I have a Henry Golden Boy, 22lr that I bought about 10 years ago. probably do not have more than 200 rounds through it. I just can't get used to the drop of the comb as it fits my face. The gun is solidly built, and a Friend of mine wants to buy it. I was gong to hang on to it as I really...
  4. Rifles
    So I had been on here getting opinions on .22 rifles as I convinced family members to get me gift certificates/cash so I can obtain the one I want. I decided on the remington 597 more than likely with the factory scope. Yesterday I had a little spare time so I went to Wolcott Guns just to see...
  5. Gun.Deals
    Henry US Survival Rifle .22 LR Black - $196 shipped
  6. Rifles
    My son wants a scope for his Henry lever action .22. Uses include target shooting 50-100 yards. I know very little about scopes in general. Any recommendations on which one to get and where to get it? Thanks in advance...
  7. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Fonzie (Henry Winkler) Calls for Gun Control on Twitter DURING Navy Shooting Fonzie, say it isn't so.
  8. General Firearms
    I'm in a bit of a conundrum here... I'm definitely buying the VersaMax for 3-gun competitions and want at least one other of those listed above (maybe two, but it'll be a while). So, if you could have just one of the other three (for now), which would you buy first and why? My thoughts are as...
  9. Rifles
    Ahhhhh.....Sweet bilss,I scored a Henry Big Boy .44 Mag...........A shout out to Bullseye Shooter Supply in Painted Post NY...My first time dealing with those folks and not the last.....:)
  10. Rifles
    Has anyone that has been out and about seen a Henry Big Boy on the shelf at a LGS ??? I am interested in a .44 Mag..... Thanks !
  11. Rifles
    I am thinking of purchasing one of the Henry .22 rifles. Do you recommend them? I heard they are accurate, fun, and the action is very smooth. I am primarily going to use it for target shooting. I've never owned a lever action before and already own a bolt and semi-auto .22 rifle, so this...
  12. Rifles
    Anyone know of a stocking Henry dealer near you ?? I am looking for a Henry Big Boy.....44 Mag.....Thanks :)
  13. Rimfire Handguns and Rifles
    So with the UN-safe act and all the B.S. it has brought to us, I decided to purchase a Henry H001 lever .22 a few months ago. First impression, Fit and finish on these little guns is pretty good. After shooting 100 rds or so with irons it was a pretty good shooter. Good enough to scope it...
  14. Rimfire Handguns and Rifles
    I have been wanting a lever .22 for a while now. I did some searching around and decided to go with a base model Henry, everything I have read about them I liked. 100% made in USA, customer service best in the business so I picked up the H001. Looks like it just came off the line with a...
  15. Firearms For Sale
    Hi, I'm selling my Henry Bought it about this time last year NEW and only shot it few times in my backyard.
  16. Rifles
    Does anyone have a Henry Big Boy?? Just wondering if you like it and what cal you have? I am looking into the .357/.38 possibly soon when the taxes come in. Thanks
  17. Wanted
    Looking to buy a Henry lever action 22 Just looking for a plain blued model nothing fancy. Let me know Thanks
  18. Rimfire Handguns and Rifles
    So today at one of my LGS, I picked up a Henry big loop lever in 22LR. Something is wrong with me when I see a .22 I buy it! It is not like I do not have any 22 firearms to shoot. This is my second Henry. The first Henry was the AR7 survival which was ok but it left a lot to be desired...
  19. Rimfire Handguns and Rifles
    Anyone know much about Henry survival AR-7's? Gun shop a few miles from me has one for 199, thinkin' about snaggin it up as I've been wanting a nice .22 take down. How's the reliability, accuracy and performance of the gun? How does it compare against a 10/22? Also, anyone know of anyplace...
  20. Rimfire Handguns and Rifles
    The first purchase from my recently deceased friend, my AR-15. Picked it up today at the LGS, took it out and put about 200 rounds through it. Great little gun, good time, cheap to shoot, accurate, and well made. I suggest that if you are interested in lever actions you should check one of...
1-20 of 27 Results