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  1. Handguns
    Sorry for the long read but this was to good to be true so here is what happened today for me.. I got a hell of a deal today.I had a Dr. appointment today so after I went to the Dr. I figure I stop by Gander Mountain to see what they had in ammo for my 357 Magnum. While I was there a guy come...
  2. Off Topic Lounge Go ahead, take the pledge. :flag:
  3. General Firearms
    Ok, what I really meant was hurry the hell up Budsguns and Kentucky Gun Co. Here's what I ordered from Buds Guns last Friday (12/13). Still showing up as "Processing" Kel-tec SU-16A Here's what I ordered from Kentucky Gun Co yesterday (12/18) Ruger Single Six Convertible Why the hell...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Our Media has gotten completely out of control. They are extremely biased and no longer report the "news". They report what they want to, when they want to and have no problems twisting words and facts. This headline in from the LA Times "Police find 5 guns, large ammo stash in George...
  5. Firearms in the News
    Michael Moore: Guns Don't Kill People, Americans Kill People - YouTube
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    I heard today that ILLEGAL aliens held a rally today on the Washington Mall, opened up by obummer and his crew. Funds for Park Police and security at the rally. Gates still up at WWII Memorial. What happened to this country?
  7. Firearms in the News
    Teachers' Union Vice President - Pro Gunners Are Going to Hell "I'm not an ordained minister, I'm not a theologian, but these guys are going to hell," the National Education Association's vice president said during a panel discussion at the Netroots Nation convention of liberal online...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    Just made this .....just ate this ..... went well with Guinness - picture and recipe not mine ... Candied Maple Bacon 8 strips of maple bacon 4 tablespoons maple sugar Pumpkin Cake 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    I went to open up a 2nd tab to look at something and my home page is Google using Firefox 21.0 and got this crap and it does not even show a search field,I tried rebooting and it still shows the same page..I checked all my setting and my anti virus program and everything seems to ok I just lost...
  10. Firearms in the News
    Seems that in the Bosrton case, people are falling like flies.. FBI: Agents died in fall from helicopter off Va. coast | |
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    This is old but it is cool give it a try,all you do is play the video and towards the end of the video it will ask you a question all you need to do is pick one of the question it ask you and you can continue to the next part of the video..
  12. Firearms in the News
    Good read, though a bit scary..the what if is well, not good.. What Could Possibly Go Wrong: GPS-Based AR Lockout Device | The Truth About Guns
  13. General Firearms
    They will not even ship parts/springs/pins/gas rings or any small parts to any ny address, we are having a bad enough time and don't need this b.s. From them................
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    I will reserve comment, as anything I have to say about this will get me banned.
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  16. Firearms in the News
    Why is there no representation stepping up and speaking to all of us based on what is going on with us right now I have heard nothing what the hell is going on? why does anyone pay any of these associations if they arent even going to say boo on the 2nd day of whats going on in our state? WTF...
  17. Firearms in the News
    Vice President Joe Biden says he'll give recommendations to President Obama by Tuesday on how to reduce gun violence. Shall we hold our breath and hope for the best....... It will be an interesting week for sure.
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    Obama inauguration store: $10 shot glass, $7,500 medallions | The Ticket - Yahoo! News Nothing more to be said.
1-18 of 26 Results