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    Ok, so here's my dilemma. The house we moved into late this summer is heated by oil (which I learned is just diesel with red dye) and not being from these parts this is the first house we've lived in that is heated by oil. I've had to fill the thing up once (275 gallon tank) and even though it...
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    Continuation of shed saga but I figured this was different enough for a new thread... For 12'X24' shed. Willing to insulate as necessary. Would just like to keep it at 55-60 degrees during the winter to keep condensation away from tools, etc. Can supplement with a ventless propane or...
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    Was hoping some of the fine folks here would have some experience and advice for me. Here's the deal, I am having a detached 26 X 28 2 story garage built. They are almost finished with exterior siding. The inside is not finished (bare studs), poured floor 1st level, tongue and groove plywood...
1-3 of 3 Results