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    Loretta Fuddy A key Hawaii official in the dispute over Barack Obama's birth certificate - who lifted state restrictions to allow the White House to present the document to the public - has died in a plane crash. Fuddy took over the agency when Gov. Neil Abercrombie took office. Abercrombie...
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    Came across this article. Now there's another reason for me to take a vacation to Hawaii or Vegas. The Disturbingly Hot Tourist Activity in Hawaii, Vegas: Shooting Guns |
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    I totally believe this guy is telling the truth: Hawaii Five-0 crew disgraceful to WWII Pearl Harbor survivors | Colorado's Morning News - Exclusive Station for the Broncos, Buffs & Rockies James
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    Hawaii: Honolulu Police Commission Searching for New Chief of Police For many years, the Honolulu Police Department has been led by anti-gun Chiefs of Police who have used the Department to lead the anti-gun charge at the State Capitol and within it's own law enforcement agency. The Honolulu...
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    Hawaii: Important Range Funding Bill Needs Your Help! Senate Bill 636, the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) Recreational Renaissance package, has been resurrected after failing in the Senate and is now before the House Finance Committee awaiting a vote...
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    Two Gun Bills Awaiting Action in Hawaii Legislature! Senate Bill 358 will be heard by the Senate Public Safety and Military Affairs Committee on Tuesday, February 3 at 1:15 p.m. in Room 229 of the State Capitol. Introduced by State Senator Samuel Slom (R-8), SB358 would prohibit a person or...
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    Hawaii: Ammunition Encoding Bill Removed from Committee Schedule! House Bill 88 has been removed from the House Public Safety Committee's hearing schedule for tomorrow at the request of the Committee Chair, State Representative Faye P. Hanohano (D-4)...
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    Ammunition Encoding Bill Looming in Hawaii! On Thursday, January 29, the Hawaii Public Safety Committee will hear legislation that could have dire consequences for our Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Hawaii.
1-9 of 9 Results