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  1. General Firearms
    Gumby went for a ride today after sighting in the shotgum. :)
  2. General Firearms
    A crisp 22 degrees today with a nice 10 mph wind. My fingers were getting very cold at the camera controls. The lighting was terrible but I did my best. I Found a new pal for Gumby to hang around with. :D Generic peanut butter. Gravy Beets Peppercorn Marinade Fireball
  3. General Firearms
    He's had a rough 2010. I think it's time to give him a rest. But not before a little canned gravy and tomato soup. :)
  4. General Firearms
    The .17 made some pretty nice exit holes in the pumpkin, but nothing spectacular. I decided to "spice" things up a bit. Lighting the pumpkin on fire with a flammable pressure vessel made for a better picture. This is a 3 shot sequence with my pal Gumby. And a can of beets for the heck of it.
  5. General Firearms
    Here's the setup. I placed gumby on top of a can of tomato puree. The hydraulic shock gives him a boost in the air. One of his legs comes loose in the process, as he heads for the top of the plywood. One leg goes over and there he sits. I got lucky.. :D Couldn't do this again if tried.
1-7 of 7 Results