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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    (Sorry for posting something not about guns, its a late xmas gift for a family member and I really dont know much about baseball) I've been looking at Baseball Gloves and Baseball & Softball Gloves What are some brands//types of gloves that will best fit a 16 year old male...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    For years I have used a pair of Timberland leather oxford gloves as my daily wear gloves for the winter season. They are still in good shape. They are not optimal however for extreme cold, or for extended sessions outside. For that purpose I have sought out rugged mittens. I ended up purchasing...
  3. Carry/Conceal
    Ok, I am looking for a set of 'Practical/Tactical' gloves. Something I can wear (preferably leather) for the cold but still be nimble enough for safe CCW application. I also don't want gloves that look as though I am a special forces operative about to do an offensive 'room clearing excise'...
  4. Accessories and Gear
    can anyone recommend a certain type or maybe brand of glove that would be good for a. keeping my hands warm b. protect from water and c. good for shooting with i have found many pair of gloves that can do a and b but i havent found any for c, every kind i try one the trigger finger seem is...
  5. Gun.Deals
    BlackHawk Kevlar/Spectra Gloves on sale - $11.65 after Coupon + Free Shipping
  6. Gun.Deals
    BlackHawk Cut Resistant Gloves - $12.95 and up + Free Shipping Blackhawk Hellstorm Tactical Assault Gloves - $12.95 + Free Shipping
  7. Accessories and Gear
    LA Police Gear have 5.11 gloves for $14.99 a pair, in a few different styles. Just thought I would pass that on, since I ordered some myself. :D 5.11 CLOSEOUTS mean GREAT DEALS on 5.11 Tactical Gear!!! DONT MISS OUT! Edited: I had tests in Accounting and Quantitative Business methods today...
  8. Carry/Conceal
    Okay, since the winter chill has set in now, here's a question for y'all. For those outside scenarios, which do you practice? A. Shooting with your gloves on OR B. Stripping off your gloves really fast?
  9. Accessories and Gear
    Anyone have gloves that they like? I plan to be on the rifle range a little over the winter and i'm a whiny little baby when it comes to the cold :P I want to find something that allows some dexterity so I can load mags and feel the trigger but still keep me kind of warm. Last year I wore some...
1-9 of 9 Results