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    Lincoln's Gettysburg Address As It Really Sounded - YouTube Even as our POS president ignores it.
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    On November 19, “Remembrance Day,” the nation commemorates sesquicentennial of the 1863 dedication of Soldiers National Cemetery at Gettysburg. Unfortunately, the President is too busy to attend. A short speech was delivered on that occasion by his predecessor, Abraham Lincoln. It was...
  3. Shooting Ranges
    I am going on a business trip next month in Gettysburg, PA. I am looking for decent range that allows public off the street to come in and use their facilities. Anybody have any suggestions/knowledge of something that will fit the bill. The Google search brought up only private clubs.
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    It was quite an experience. Looking at the Devils Den and the Little round top made my stomach queasy. The best I can describe that area is a knife fight in a tiny solitary cell while both opponents stand on stilts over a spiked pit. There was ALLOT of NY regiments there, mostly from WNY and...
1-4 of 4 Results